The World (Stream 1)

Welcome to Stream. This new forum is dedicated to sharing my stream of consciousness as a Sun-Mercury-Neptune triple conjunction in Capricorn woman. Each Stream will come in free flow form as I am moved by Spirit to speak. A movement similar to the great woman dancer, Isadora Duncan, who would wait to move her body until she felt the presence of the sacred that guided her movement.

In the first Stream, The World, I share my thoughts on birth charts and death charts. I ask us to think critically and carefully about what “the world” means and what we mean when we ask the question that is perhaps asked more than any other, “what does this mean”? I also challenge the modern apocalyptic vision that is so often proclaimed with such authority.

The image of “The World” for this Stream comes from the new Tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy.

Music for Stream created and produced by Travis DiRuzza (musical genius and love of my life!).

Thank you for listening to Stream.


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