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Astrological Consultations:

I offer 60 minute astrological consultations for guidance around path—vocation, family, relationships, spirituality, and soul work. I use the tools of astrology, depth psychology, and intuitive knowing to provide insight, clarity, empowerment, and healing on your journey.

I offer sessions online through video and voice. I work with people from all around the world and from all walks of life. I welcome people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual preferences. Email me to schedule a session or series of sessions for psychotherapy, mentoring, teaching, or counseling using astrology and psychology to guide the dialogue.

*Please see the astrologers I recommend below for astrology readings.

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Call Me: 415.310.1454

Recommended astrologers for astrological consultations:
Matthew Stelzner:

Matthew Stelzner is an intuitive empath and channel, who uses the consciousness technologies of astrology and the tarot in a ritual process meant to bring you into deeper contact with your higher self.  He has over twenty years of professional experience doing healing work with clients, and has been shaped by his trainings and practice in counseling psychology, breathwork, yoga and metaphysics. Matthew’s commitment is to empower you to be more in contact with your own intuitive guidance, so that the work that happens with him can continue and deepen on your own.

Christina Hardy:

Christina has been a practicing astrologer and career counselor for 15 years. In her astrological practice, she integrates evolutionary astrology and archetypal astrology.  She combines these perspectives with a heart-centered intuition to provide guidance for life’s deepest challenges. Her focus in her readings is bringing to light the soul’s evolutionary intent for the questions and issues that a client has. Christina is also a certified Deep Memory Process practitioner and offers past-life hypnotherapy as a tool for healing and understanding our present life issues.

Blake Baxley:

Blake Baxley works as a professional Archetypal Diviner through a variety of mediums to guide humans into a place where they will be of maximum benefit to themselves and their community. She aims to lead the inner psyche to connect with the outer cosmos and awaken and give knowledge to the energies at work in a person’s life, allowing them to move forward by healing their past and embracing their future as something they co-create in their unique relationship with the Universe.