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Aquarius with Matthew Segall, PhD & Jessica DiRuzza, MFT

In episode 35, I have the great pleasure of dialoguing with one of my favorite people to talk about the Cosmos with, Matthew David Segall, PhD. Matt shares his perspective and wisdom on being an Aquarius, as well as beautiful insights on how this archetype evolves in the Zodiac. We also share our love and understanding of astrology, and what it means to be a human in community. Come join us in our ritual dialogue. 

Matthew Segall, PhD is a transdisciplinary researcher and teacher applying process philosophy across the natural and social sciences, including the study of consciousness. Matthew is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. You can find his body of work at footnotes2plato.com.

Eclipse Season

Eclipse season occurs two times each year. It’s the undulating rhythm of our solar system and human life. Eclipse season is a powerful and potent transformative portal, with so many different things both coming in and going out. Eclipses ask a lot of us as humans, and are often quite demanding. To be in the unknown, to be in the mystery, to let go without always knowing what comes next, to try and ride the cosmic dragon and not go down in flames. In episode 34, I share my personal experience and understanding of this most recent eclipse season in Scorpio and Taurus.

The Psychology of Venus & Pluto in Astrology

When the two planets of Venus and Pluto make any major aspect in the natal chart, we can gain an intimate understanding of how Venus-Pluto natives psychologically relate to other people. By understanding the light and shadow expression of this planetary pair, we become familiar with the archetypal narrative or mythology of how a person is working with and through this energy in their life. Soul-making is that potent and magical intersection of combining the universal meaning of a planetary aspect with the unique soul expression of a human being embodying the particularities of their life’s journey. Like the yin-yang symbol, the light and shadow are both interrelated and dependent on one another for their existence, as seen in the transformative journey or story of the dance between any two archetypal qualities, in this case, Venus and Pluto. Each planetary pair is a living archetypal story, and once we know that story, we can understand where we have come from and glean insight into where we are going.

The Alchemy of Venus & Saturn

In episode 32, Jessica shares her understanding of how the two planetary archetypes of Venus and Saturn work together in our everyday lives. She explores in depth how Saturn transiting Venus manifests with regard to relationships, money, and our creative process.

Astrology in Depth Psychotherapy

In episode 30, Jessica DiRuzza shares her experience and understanding of integrating astrology into depth psychotherapy practice. She holds astrology as both a therapeutic tool and encompassing spiritual worldview that stimulates creativity, connection, and purpose in both client and therapist.

Saturn-Uranus: The History of Astrology & Current Alignment of 2022

In this 30-minute episode, Jessica discusses the current Saturn-Uranus alignment, first with regard to the upcoming Trust Psyche course on the History (Saturn) of Astrology (Uranus), and then in light of Mercury retrograde and several eclipses activating SA-UR in 2022. She considers how to best use this energy throughout the year, and specifically with the current 3-week Mercury Rx.

Astro Chat 12.20.21

ASTRO CHAT occurs when we spontaneously turn on our phone recorder in the middle of what we are experiencing as a stimulating conversation about astrology. We are still discovering what ASTRO CHAT is, but for now, we can say this: It’s us in our life, doing what we love. You will hear background noise from the space we are in, as well as folks who come by and talk to us unaware (we get consent afterward). Everything is unedited and unrehearsed… It’s just us. On 12.20.21 at 4:39PM we sat down to an early dinner at Flavio’s Italian restaurant where this 11-minute conversation took place.

Venus Retrograde: Into the Sacred Night

In episode 27, Jessica and Travis DiRuzza have a heartfelt and embodied sharing of the upcoming Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The retrograde begins December 19th, for 40 days, until January 29th, and the conjunction lasts through early spring. They also share some of their new offerings for Trust Psyche!

A Conversation with Jessica DiRuzza and James Socci

In episode 26, Jessica DiRuzza, MFT has a conversation with James Socci. The two dialogue and question the story and meaning of Chiron, The Wounded Healer; themes of suffering, pain, and loss; what healing looks like; how User Experience applies to re-branding Trust Psyche; and their long-time friendship.

The Joy of Astrology

In this podcast, I talk with my dear friend and brilliant astrologer, Matthew Stelzner. We dive into the joy of astrology and the joy of being professional astrologers. We also discuss the joy of watching the night sky and our love of sacred astronomy. Matthew is one of my favorite people to talk to about astrology, metaphysics, being human, and life.

Transit Astrology

Jessica shares her daily spiritual practice of transit analysis for helping her make meaning and navigate her life.

The Symbiosis of Saturn & Uranus in Our Times

Jessica DiRuzza and Christina Hardy have a rich conversation on the Saturn-Uranus cycle of time and how it relates to our current moment (closing song: Travis DiRuzza plays Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac, from his new album Take Cover).

The Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn (Stream 21)

The Great Conjunction is the coming together of two old friends – Jupiter and Saturn. This planetary alignment occurs once every 20 years. Right now, as you look to the southeast after sunset in the northern hemisphere, you will see these two magnificent celestial bodies, known as the Star of Bethlehem. We have cherished our time in viewing these two old friends in the night sky, night after night, here on our little island of Siesta Key in the Gulf of Mexico. Jupiter and Saturn will be visible to us in their conjunction until April of 2021 (began January 2020). This episode of Stream shares our understanding of Jupiter and Saturn. We hope you enjoy, old friend.

Soul Purpose, Creativity, & Wholeness Weaving (Stream 20)

Jessica DiRuzza, MFT and Michelle Anne Hobart, SEC, AMFT have a sacred conversation exploring Soul Purpose Astrology, Creativity, and Wholeness Weaving on Stream 20. To find out more about the upcoming online course, Awakening Healers, with Michelle and Kyle Buller, check out www.settingsunwellness.com/new-products/awakeninghealers.

Michelle is a Spiritual Emergence Coach, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, holistic wellness educator, and multi-modality intuitive. She supports those who are awakening into their gifts to be fully seen, held, and honored in the ways they are co-creating with the Universe in this time of transformation. Michelle offers Akashic Record Insight & Healing, Soul Purpose Astrology, Chakra Balancing, and Spiritual Emergence Coaching to help people align to their mission, reconnect to their reSourcing, and bring their unique gifts out into the world. Michelle’s website: www.creatingsacredspacewithmichelle.com

The Chariot: Venus Retrograde, Chiron & the Asteroids (Stream 19)

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness and Astrology (Stream 17)

At a time when we are each facing so many challenges and difficult circumstances, it can be helpful to understand trauma as part of the human experience. In a real talk discussion about love, astrology, trauma-sensitive mindfulness, friendship, purpose, and the current situation with COVID-19 & shelter in place, Jessica DiRuzza and David Treleaven share their perspectives on being human in the world right now. David and Jessica are both trained as psychotherapists and have been colleagues for over a decade. Join them as they have a meaningful and intimate conversation as two friends and professionals. 

David Treleaven, PhD, is a writer and educator working at the intersection of mindfulness and trauma. He is the author of the acclaimed new book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (W. W. Norton), and founder of the Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) Community — a group committed to setting a standard of care within mindfulness-based practices, interventions, and programs. Through workshops, keynotes, podcasts, and online education, David focuses on offering mindfulness providers with the knowledge and tools they require to meet the needs of those struggling with trauma. He is passionate about connecting his audience with on-the-ground experts, and is closely engaged with current empirical research to inform best practices.

Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto (Stream 16)

Jessica invites Travis DiRuzza onto the podcast to discuss the current Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment and its relevance for personal and collective themes, such as karma, ancient time, responsibility, incarnation, the current political scene, coronavirus, and the Star of Bethlehem.

Jupiter-Saturn: Social Justice as Spiritual Practice (Stream 15)

Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct alongside Pluto in the sign of Capricorn for all of 2020. Jessica DiRuzza discusses social justice as spiritual practice and astrology as sacred conversation.

Through the Portal of Shame (Stream 14)

Stream 14 gives voice to the deep underworld journey of going through the portal of shame in the reclamation of voice and creative power.

We come to the time of year, in the cycle of life, of equal day and equal night. The sign of Libra which is about balance, harmony, grace, justice, fairness, and cooperation. Libra’s motto is “We Are”. There could not be a more important time for us to remember this truth. Equinox blessings to each of you as we balance the light and dark within ourselves and our world.

Archetypal Process: Correlating Your Life Experience with Your Transits (Stream 13)

Stream 13, the trustpsyche monthly astrology and psychology podcast, is an inside look into the spiritual practice of correlating life experience with your transits.

Moon-Chiron: Our Needs Come From Our Wounds (Stream 12)

Stream 12 is a vulnerable sharing of the archetypal qualities of the Moon and Chiron in a person’s life. To speak we must listen. To love is to need. Our gifts come from our wounds.

My Rant on Astrological Standards (Stream 11)

Stream 11 channels the current Mercury-Mars opposite Saturn-Pluto in the sky, as Jessica shares her impassioned thoughts on counseling astrology.

A Metaphysics of Relationship (Stream 10)

Stream 10 hosts our first guest, Travis DiRuzza. We share our love of astrology, synastry, connection, and one another during this in-depth conversation about a metaphysics of relationship. We explore why synastry is a significant and necessary form of correspondence in our age.

Music by Travis DiRuzza with Brendan Kidd and Melanie Curran

Love and Relationship in Astrology_Synastry + Composite Charts (Stream 9)

Stream 9 is part of the supporting material under the Moon-Venus aspect for my new online astrology course, Deepen Your Astrological Practice, which you can begin now here.

**Disclaimer to clients: This Stream uses my natal chart and my husband’s natal chart as examples. If you do not wish to see either chart DO NOT watch this Stream.**

Personal Transits in Astrology (Stream 8)

Stream 8 covers personal transits in astrology, part of the supporting material from trustpsyche’s online astrology course, Deepen Your Astrological Practice, which you can begin now here. A step by step process on how to follow your personal transits or those of clients.

Moon-Jupiter and Difficult Emotions (Stream 7)

In my experience, being human means knowing pain, loss, fear, and confusion along with joy, felt intimacy, and meaningful connection. Meaningful relationship, with ourselves and with others, is the foundation of a balanced and flourishing life. And yet, so often our lives can be filled with difficult and challenging emotions. The archetype of the Moon is the psycho-somatic part of our being – our bodies, feelings, and emotions. The Moon is the relationship we have with our mother and family, our early childhood experiences, and how we nurture ourselves and others. Whereas the archetype of Jupiter expands whatever it touches so we must first look at what is being touched in the lunar dimension of life to understand what is being amplified here. Growth often comes with growing pains, some discomfort, anxiety, and fear of the unknown as we work our edges. Moon-Jupiter teaches us that when we take care of our core needs and nourish ourselves there is an abundance of support and maternal care that blesses our lives. When we get overly caught in what is comfortable and easy we sometimes miss the larger call to grow.

Sung to you by the lovely Travis DiRuzza.

Psychological Splitting in the Birth Chart (Stream 6)

Psychological splitting is one of our primary defense mechanisms, a normal and healthy function of the individual psyche that occurs in every human being. On the one hand, it offers us protection until we are strong and ready enough to encounter and integrate those parts of our self, good and bad, that at first feel foreign to the ego. On the other hand, splitting functions more deeply, transcending our individual psyches by serving collective and transpersonal purposes. Psyche is not just on the inside, but is the universal mind in which we all swim together. In this sense, psyche is fractal, and we are each a diamond whose facets catch the light of communal relation in a kaleidoscopic network of interactions. We play different roles for one another, not just due to individual projections, but as part of a larger group gestalt, a broader process of psyche coming to know itself better as each individual becomes more integrated through working their relationships.

More than just a defense mechanism, psychological splitting is a way that you hold a piece of me until I am ready to recognize it as myself, and vice versa. In our closest relationships, our friends and partners often carry traits that we have trouble accepting as our own. By being in these relationships, we can slowly drink in those seemingly foreign traits. Thus, splitting in not pathological, but a way of integrating Self at a pace that we can handle. It is a form of amnesis, or forgetting, that is to our benefit. Just as we cannot see all our past lives less we be overwhelmed by their weight and unable to engage cleanly in the present, so too are we unable to see all the parts of ourselves right away. We must gradually become that which we already are potentially. We do this by interacting with people and our environment, by slowly reclaiming those parts of our Self that we initially, often for our own good, split off from ourselves. Splitting relates to the Saturn-Pluto complex in the sky presently. We can look at the birth chart to help us to see the unique ways in which each of us is prone to splitting. By identifying and working with these personal archetypal themes, we are aided on our soul journey toward becoming our fullest selves.

Sung to you by the lovely Travis DiRuzza.

Repeating Patterns in Love (Stream 5)

Life is made of patterns and cycles. They are all around us. We find ourselves, once more, in similar situations and experiences throughout our various relationships—those moments and people we encounter in life again and again. Astrology is a map of the cycles of the planets in connection to the patterns in human life. The patterns we repeat in love can be seen in the birth charts of our lovers and partners, a karmic trail running through our key relationships for us to discover. Identifying these repeating archetypal themes gives us the chance to grow our awareness and practice new ways of facing old patterns. The way through is not to escape the repeating patterns, but to find new meaningful responses to them that are more freeing than before. What repeating patterns in love and relationship might you be working with in this life?

Sung to you by the lovely Travis DiRuzza.

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Systems View of Astrology (Stream 4)

How we see our lives has so much to do with the way we interpret and make meaning of what is occurring. How do we get beyond the general symbols of astrology, to connect with the unrepeatable particularities of a person’ life? In the fourth Stream, Systems View of Astrology, I consider how much more there is to astrological interpretation than the symbols themselves—for they are just one small part of each of our unique stories. Beneath the repeating planetary patterns lie singular lives that transcend and will never be fully explained by those patterns. In this Stream, I also share how when we go through a psycho-spiritual death and rebirth in life, our chart does too. The way we participate with and experience the planetary archetypes also dies and is reborn. New levels of meaning, and therefore possibility, are created. We evolve, as do the archetypes. This is the essence of relationship and participation: Both entities are changed.

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Family Systems and Astrology (Stream 3)

Welcome to Stream. This new forum is dedicated to sharing my stream of consciousness in the realms of astrology and psychology, and to exploring how we live the most meaningful lives we can with the little time we have here. In the third Stream, Family Systems and Astrology, I further explore family patterns revealed in the astrological charts of whole families as a continuation from Stream 2. Over the last decade as a counseling astrologer, I have collected research from thousands of charts and looked at the data through the lens of depth psychology. I share the variety of ways archetypal signatures may show up within our family lineage. Discovering our own family archetypal signatures can help us see clearly the karmic batons we carry forward in our own lives, both in the archetypal complexes shared and the structural poetics in which the complexes are patterned.

Music for Stream created and produced by Travis DiRuzza (musical genius and love of my life!).

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Family Patterns in Astrology (Stream 2)

Welcome to Stream. This new forum is dedicated to sharing my stream of consciousness in the realms of astrology and psychology, and to exploring how we live the most meaningful lives we can with the little time we have here. In the second Stream, Family Patterns in Astrology, I share my thoughts on transgenerational aspect patterns. Encoded in our birth charts like DNA are planetary aspects we inherited from our parents. The genetics of astrology, seen in transgenerational aspect patterns passed from one generation to the next, allow us to trace our karmic lineages and understand the purpose of the gifts and challenges received from our ancestors. Astrology permits conscious evolution of the karmic torches we bear by illuminating where we incarnate in the chain of the unfolding Great Story.

Music for Stream created and produced by Travis DiRuzza (musical genius and love of my life!).

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The World (Stream 1)

Welcome to Stream. This new forum is dedicated to sharing my stream of consciousness as a Sun-Mercury-Neptune triple conjunction in Capricorn woman. Each Stream will come in free flow form as I am moved by Spirit to speak. A movement similar to the great woman dancer, Isadora Duncan, who would wait to move her body until she felt the presence of the sacred that guided her movement.  In the first Stream, The World, I share my thoughts on birth charts and death charts. I ask us to think critically and carefully about what “the world” means and what we mean when we ask the question that is perhaps asked more than any other, “what does this mean”? I also challenge the modern apocalyptic vision that is so often proclaimed with such authority.  The image of “The World” for this Stream comes from the new Tarot deck by Paulina Cassidy.

Music for Stream created and produced by Travis DiRuzza (musical genius and love of my life!).