The Magic of Synastry

Within the current Mercury retrograde (a time to be with life, to review, revisit, and sit in contemplation) in Aries (fire, new beginnings, flaring forth) along with Venus (love, relationships, beauty, and creativity) and Uranus (freedom, liberation, innovation, exploration, trickster, travel, adventure,  and chaos) in conjunction, I am re-releasing this episode of Correlations Podcast, diving into the magic of synastry.

In this episode, under the large Pisces Stellium (the waters of the collective dream, the end of the zodiacal cycle, and states of intuition and reverie), ​Matthew Stelzner and Jessica DiRuzza enter into a healing reverie state. Playing with the present archetypal energies, a space is opened for an adventure in consciousness. Discussion of synastry (two birth charts put together) and the necessity and magic of this form of correspondence is opened up.