Correlations Podcast: Re-Visioning Saturn

In this episode of Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast, Matthew Stelzner, Delia Shargel, and myself have a really meaningful and fun conversation about my article, “Re-Visioning Saturn” published in the Archai Journal. I felt so honored and thrilled as we spent an hour and a half exploring some of my widening sense around the evolution of the Saturn archetype. We discussed the dynamic and static masculine and feminine qualities of the planet, while we deeply questioned the patriarchal worldview the astrological tradition, including archetypal astrology, have emerged. Please join us for another episode.



  1. Hello Matthew et al…. Just received your spectacular podcast ON SATURN, Thank you so much. I often swim down here alone out here in these Neptunian astrological seas here in So Cal! Your communications in all their myriad forms mean a lot to me. Keep those cards and letters coming!I’m so thrilled to be able to listen to, and digest their content, over and over again. It looks like Jessica has taken her life on the road for now and I’m sure she will touch many grateful, and transformed others within the expanse of her new experience.. Thanks again for keeping in touch. It really means so much. Judie Harte Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology Fitzgerald-Harte Amazon Books

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