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The Astrology of the 2020 Presidential Race: Bernie and Warren. Correlations Episode #34

I am very excited to announce the Correlations Podcast is back on air! Have a listen now.

In this episode of Correlations, Matthew Stelzner and I discuss the astrology for the 2020 presidential race, with a focus on the charts and transits of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. We first look at Warren’s natal chart and transits for her amazing performance at the Las Vegas debate, where she stood next to Mike Bloomberg and called him out on his history of misogyny and racist policies as mayor of New York City. We spend the rest of our time discussing the life and political career of Bernie Sanders, looking at both his natal chart and transits as he rides a wave of unprecedented progressive national support as the frontrunner for the democratic nomination.
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On this episode of Correlations, Matthew Stelzner and Jessica DiRuzza celebrate the passing of the Great artist and revolutionary, Aretha Franklin. We go on a fun exploration of the planetary aspects in Aretha’s birth chart and have a powerful dialogue about the psychology of respect and how it relates to the Saturn-Uranus alignment. We also begin a dialogue about the intersubjective field and how it relates to the discovery of new ideas and thought forms. (We are still setting up the new space so the camera work is crooked this time).

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This episode of Correlations is unique in that it is a real life example of the journey we go on when being with our difficult feelings toward an event and person, in light of reading their birth chart. We begin the episode with Matthew’s complex and difficult feelings toward Melania Trump recently wearing the jacket “I don’t really care do U?“ to the southern border of Texas to visit the children being detained by the US government.

As we explore these complex feelings we use the tool of nonviolent communication to begin to understand how we can read birth charts in an empowering and non-shaming way, using the chart and transits of Melania as our focus. We also have a healing experience discussing the grief process, the path of forgiveness, and the balance of feeling our raw and powerful feelings while also practicing nonviolence. Our hope is there is something in here for you in the process, as much as, or more than the content.

After recording this episode, I keep coming back to the proverbial question: How do we best take care of ourselves while taking care of others?

Compassion at our borders. Boundaries as compassionate. What can this look like? I know that in order for me to have compassion I have to be resourced. When I am under resourced in my life whether physically, spiritually, or emotionally I have a very hard time accessing my compassion. One way I get more resourced is to have better boundaries as a form of self-care. I simply cannot take care of others if I cannot take care of myself. I see a lot of Americans around me under resourced and struggling with boundaries and self-care. This is at first confusing and then very sad for me. We are the richest most powerful country in the world and yet so many Americans are sick, tired, depressed, and anxious. We have become a top-heavy empire where the majority of our resources goes to fighting all kinds of fights at home and abroad instead of caring for our people. No wonder we cannot have compassion at our borders. We do not have enough compassion within our borders.

These days, I am most interested in meeting in the middle. Liberalism and conservatism are beginning to feel like racism and sexism. Polarization and discrimination that is hurting every one. As someone who used to identify as a “liberal” I see my liberal brothers and sisters participating in acts of unkindness while pointing the finger at the conservatives and saying they are evil and need to be saved. Saved from what? Once we begin to think we have the power and duty to save someone else I find we get into a whole lot of trouble. When is wanting to save someone else or an idea of the way the world should be a form of not taking responsibility for our own lives and a form of spiritual bypass? Ideologies have become strait jackets of armor we wear to make ourselves feel better about our position while often hurting people along the way. It is not being a liberal or a conservative that makes one kind or unkind. It is one’s human heart, acts of compassion, and the way one treats all of life. I know plenty of “liberal” Trumps in this world. I also know it is really uncomfortable to admit we are all implicated. There is no such thing as a pure life anymore. Maybe there never was. Because no matter how much I care and do my best someone is suffering for the things I have. We cannot currently escape this and there is no one party that is responsible for this. I believe we are all responsible for this system we have inherited.

I do not want to fight wars abroad and I do not want to fight wars at home. It is far too easy to get caught in the drama of there is not enough and lose kindness and respect for one another. Yes, I care a whole lot and my best guess is so do you. Because that is what human beings do — care. It is one of our greatest human features. And the one that most easily gets tangled up in pain, confusion, and despair when we need something we do not have: shelter, food, water, love, attention, and understanding. I do not think it is right to separate children from their parents. It is a very unskilled way of communicating a message. We can say no and still be kind. Even better, we can give other options of how to move forward while still honoring our necessary rules and boundaries. I will always stand up and protect those in need. Parenting for peace in our homes allows us to parent for peace everywhere else in our lives. Peace in my home means no more Trump or Republican bashing. It’s a sick little game that I do not want to play anymore. I believe there are more skilled and resourced ways for me to care. To show up and love the people in my life, to speak out when I do not agree, and to take really good care of myself.

In my experience, we have to police our borders when we feel there is a lack or we are in fear that something important will be taken away. A watch dog to protect borderlines. So much energy goes into the policing that could otherwise go into the resourcing, if we actually trusted we are going to be okay — truly feeling and experiencing there is more than enough right here, right now.

As a psychotherapist, I support people in their deepest pain, confusion, and despair. I see more than ever, every person is sensitive, compassionate, and wants to be loved and understood. I am here to offer care and support. I, however, do not want to use my energy to attack any more. Feeling anger, rage, hatred = all good and necessary. But I do not want to shame, blame, or attack from this place. It is SO hard. Probably one of the hardest things for me not to do in life, and I certainly do not always get it right the first time around. I find the best way to feed our demons is to give them lots of light (attention) and love (care). The demons move from ugly and scary monsters to wise and compassionate beings — from distorted to clear. I need help loving my monsters and I imagine that means you do too.

We are all finding our way through right now. These are undoubtedly challenging times to be alive for a lot of people. I am doing my best to share my real experiences. I see all of you amazing people out there doing your best to show up with so much love, creativity, care, and kindness. You absolutely do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. THANK YOU!

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Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is in rare and powerful alignments now through the rest of 2018. On this episode of Correlations, Matthew Stelzner and Jessica DiRuzza have a heartfelt discussion about how to make the most of Venus through her phases in love, relationship, art, music, and dance. The Goddess herself is going through powerful transformations in the ascension process, and making herself available in new ways for us all to engage in.

~Truth, Beauty, Love.~

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Please join Matthew Stelzner and myself for Part II of a discussion on the current outer planetary alignment of Saturn and Pluto in conjunction from 2018-2021. The significance of this time period is felt by so many as we come to the final years of the Uranus-Pluto square from 2007-2020. Saturn and Pluto are making their first conjunction since 1981-84. On this episode of Correlations, we further​ dialogue about the wide range of experiences one may have during this powerful alignment and offer alternative perspectives and thought forms on how to live with these energies in an empowering way.

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Please join us, Matthew Stelzner and Jessica DiRuzza, as we talk about the current outer planetary alignment of Saturn and Pluto in conjunction from 2018-2021. The significance of this time period is felt by so many as we come to the final years of the Uranus-Pluto square from 2007-2020. Saturn and Pluto are making their first conjunction since 1981-84. On this episode of Correlations, we dialogue about the wide range of experiences one may have during this powerful alignment and offer alternative perspectives and thought forms on how to live with these energies in an empowering way.

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As a depth psychotherapist and archetypal astrologer, I have deep reverence for the inner and outer work my friend, fellow psychotherapist and astrologer, Delia Shargel has done over the course of her life’s journey. Delia is a wise soul with so much to offer the world from the fertile ground of her psychotherapy practice where years of learning, research, and study have led to really amazing and critical insights into the nature of psychological and astrological complexes. Her newest article, “Psychological and Astrological Complexes: An Evolving Perspective” found in Issue 5 of Archai Journal, is a must read for any serious practitioner or student of these disciplines.

In this episode of Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast, Delia Shargel, Matthew Stelzner, and I discuss Delia’s groundbreaking article. We explore what complexes are and how they function psychologically, giving examples of how we can use the natal chart to work with them psycho-spiritually.  We also consider how this process could be a way of “feminizing” the Saturn archetype.

You may read Delia’s article here for free at And the really awesome appendix here with helpful tips on how to work with complexes. 

In this episode of Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast, Matthew Stelzner, Delia Shargel, and myself have a really meaningful and fun conversation about my article, “Re-Visioning Saturn” published in the Archai Journal. I felt so honored and thrilled as we spent an hour and a half exploring some of my widening sense around the evolution of the Saturn archetype. We discussed the dynamic and static masculine and feminine qualities of the planet, while we deeply questioned the patriarchal worldview the astrological tradition, including archetypal astrology, have emerged. Please join us for another episode.


12828510_980260212051603_4148115394979662469_oAs the New Moon in Pisces lights up the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune t-square in the sky we release the next episode of Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast recorded on March 4th, 2016, with Delia ShargelMatthew Stelzner, and myself. We have a rich conversation focusing on the powerful Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-Square (and Sun conjunct Neptune) alignment currently in the sky. We explore a range of perspectives on this energy including a deep dive into the nature of narcissism and the spectrum from “healthy narcissism” to extreme pathology (i.e. Donald Trump). We talk about how Trump is a perfect mirror for the American shadow and how he represents an opportunity for us to face ourselves. As always, we welcome your comments and questions.

The recording of the latest episode of “Correlations,” with Matthew Stelzner! On this episode, we focus much of our discussion on the Saturn-Neptune archetypal combination (currently in the sky in a 90 degree square alignment for everyone and when we recorded this episode being lit up by the two planets–Sun and Mercury). We dialogued about the ways it is coming through both collectively (in the recent terrorist attacks around the world and their tragic impact on all of us) as well as on the individual level with so many of us working with a grief process or other “tests of consciousness.” We work with the metaphor for understanding the way Saturn is the accrual of patterns of wisdom (or challenging habits that are hard to move beyond) that are like the quality of the “thread count” with which we weave our experience of life. We also give time to the Uranus-Pluto archetype, and Matthew explores the correlations to the recent sad story of Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of National Geographic magazine, amongst other topics. We also had some excellent participation from the live webinar participants. Enjoy!