I enjoyed creating this video for you on my YouTube channel. As I have mentioned before, I sometimes like to spontaneously get on my channel and do a livestream video on astrology. This time, I wanted to share how I use astrology in my life, and how I connect the planetary archetypes with the events occurring each day. Astrologers are phenomenologists, and I demonstrate this very thing right here for you.

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I am going live at 5PM Eastern Time on the Trust Psyche YouTube channel. Join me for 30 minutes into how I use astrology in my everyday life. I will share the recorded version of this talk tomorrow.

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We have a fabulous group of students. Come join the adventure. I would love to be your teacher!

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One of my advanced astrology students, Verana Faye Bailowitz, is offering this new archetypal astrology course. I encourage you to check it out and contact Verana directly to take this online class. Verana is a doula and astrologer. A deep soul with so much heartfelt wisdom, a brilliant mind, and true guide. Verana has studied with me since 2015, and I am so excited that she is offering this course. This course is for beginners or those who want to refresh their understanding, knowledge, and practice of astrology. A great course to take before my Transit Astrology course this spring.

Read Verana’s course offering:

An Embodiment of Archetypal Astrology:

an introduction


with certified astrologer Verana Faye Bailowitz

Welcome to 2021! WOW. Wonder of Wonders.

Astrology is bursting into our collective awareness in a way it never has before.

We simply cannot deny how connected and interconnected we are and Astrology mirrors these connections every day! It feels so powerful and empowering to find ourselves held within something greater and guided by something deeply magical.

This is an extraordinary time to turn toward Astrology as a tool and lens for our healing, our wholeness, and for understanding our unique purpose at this wild and sacred time to be alive.

Please join me this February for a seven-week astrology course…

…designed for a small, intimate group, where we get to learn, integrate, heal, and explore TOGETHER.

Hi, my name is Verana and I am a certified Archetypal and Counseling Astrologer. I have been gestating this course for some time now and feel so excited to birth it at this time. This is a rare opportunity to deepen into astrological study, in a community setting.

We will embark on a journey together, with the planets, with our own unique birth charts, with each other. We begin February 11, 2021.

This course will be part teachings and part co-study. We will journey with each other into the different components of YOUR natal chart and how they weave together WITH YOU to tell the story of your unique life. We will incorporate somatic exercises to bring these archetypal energies into our bodies and get curious about how they feel within each of us. Come discover your unique embodiment of these archetypes as you begin or continue your journey of astrological exploration and study.

The first 60 minutes of each class will be spent in lecture format, followed by 30 minutes of community chart exploration. We will be using your charts to explore and uncover who we came here to be and who we authentically are. Co-exploring our souls’ journeys is my FAVORITE thing about studying astrology in a group. (With your individual consent, we will all be looking at your charts with one another and practice making meaning of the components we are studying.)

I will spend time each class offering my knowledge and understanding of the different components of the dynamic natal chart, including an introduction to the Planets, Signs, Aspects, Houses, and Transits and how to weave these together for greater depth and breadth of understanding and integration. Though all these components are important to the weaving of the whole chart, mostly we will be engaging with the planets, their archetypes, and the dynamic relationships they have with each other. REGISTER HERE!!




  • You are desiring to begin or continue exploring your natal chart and learn to read your chart with more connection, breadth, depth and agency?
  • You are you longing to feel more connected to your unique Soul’s journey?
  • You are wanting to study Astrology in an intimate, supportive group environment?
  • You want to bring the planets down into YOUR body, your breath, your being.
  • You want to be learning with an engaged, intimate group of folks ready to deepen into Soul exploration through the lens of Astrology.


  • a basic, yet thorough introduction to archetypal astrology and how to read your own chart
  • an in-depth invitation into the planetary archetypes and how these energies dance within you every day
  • a well-rounded understanding of the different components of the natal chart (i.e. planets, signs, houses, aspects) and how these components work together to create a dynamic and ever-changing story that is your life
  • an understanding of how to use astrology in a way that honors our unique design while creating empowerment for your unique will in how you tell the story of your own life

We will meet every Thursday evening from 5:30-7pm PST/PDT for 7 weeks

beginning February 11, 2021




*please contact Verana if you would like to request a payment plan option

Pluto return occurs every 250 years. America is in her first Pluto return since the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Hear Jessica’s thoughts on the archetypal meaning of America’s first Pluto return at this moment in history.

We have an amazing group of students thus far for the upcoming TRANSIT ASTROLOGY online course. Remember, both taking the course LIVE beginning April 11th, or signing up for the recorded version to take at your own time and pace receive the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT by February 24th. Trustpsyche students receive an extra 10% off the early bird discount.

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Join me right now for a livestream on my YouTube channel for my take on the Pluto Return of America!

I will post the recorded version of the talk later today. So if you cannot join live you can join later (as always).

I would love to see you there!!

**Note about my upcoming astrology course**

Even if you cannot take my Transit Astrology course live you can still get the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for the recorded version, which will become available to you in June to take at your own time and pace. You will have full permanent access to this course, whether you take it live or the recorded version.

Register right here by February 24th to receive your discount for this astrology course!

Dear Students,

I am back and I want to invite you to study with me! I am oh so very ready to teach one of my all-time favorite subjects – TRANSIT ASTROLOGY: The Art of Living. An 8-week online astrology course with yours truly. You can find out all the information right here and register today for an early bird discount. Plus, all trustpsyche students receive an extra 10% off this course (and all trustpsyche courses). I truly hope you will join me this spring for what will be a ton of fun! (You can also register now to receive the early bird discount for the pre-recorded version of the course which will be released in June).

Transit Astrology is the core of my archetypal astrological practice, for it is the sacred conversation with the Divine. I can think of no other place in my life that I have learned more about myself and the Universe than in my daily transit practice, meaning, that for over the past 13 years now, I have studied my personal transits and tracked them over the course of my entire life – from my birth to 100 years old. What does this do for me? It allows me to better understand and integrate my past, be more present and discerning in this moment, and enhances my ability to intuit and to navigate my future. The Universe has a way of seeing us even when we are not looking, but in my experience, it has even more of a way of looking at us as we look back. Transit astrology is one of the main ways I look back to the Universe and have a meaningful, creative, and fun conversation, often experienced as an intricate and elaborate dance.

Transit Astrology is a sacred practice because it shows me the unfolding of my psyche/birth chart through time over the course of my entire life. I have come to understand the archetypal dynamics that make up my personality, karma/dharma, and my life much more clearly through tracking my personal transits. This spiritual practice deepens my relationship to my higher self, to the Cosmos, and to our World and all those in it.

I have used this technique with thousands of clients and students. What I love about this method of transit astrology is how accurate the timing of transits has been for both me and my clients and the clarity we get from being with this practice.

So, if you are interested in learning to practice archetypal astrology the way that I practice it – you have loved a reading from me, being a student of mine, or my YouTube videos – you will love this online astrology course with me.

I invite you to join in this sacred conversation and be a part of our growing trustpsyche community. There are so many caring, wise, and imaginative beings here with us. I would love for you to be one of them and share space and time with all of us.

Click right here to register today!

Thank you and with gratitude,

Jessica DiRuzza, MFT

Thank you for an incredible year with trustpsyche. I am so grateful for you in my life – whether as a client, a student, a family member, or friend. Travis’ and my life is so rich and full because of your presence and participation in our co-creations with one another. We know how challenging 2020 has been, and we want to say you made it, we made it! This is no small feat. We hope you take some time this Holiday season to celebrate all the good stuff, all the hard stuff, and see how often they can be one in the same.

We cannot wait to be with you in 2021. There is so much to look forward to that will be happening with trustpsyche. New online astrology courses, new podcast episodes, new astrology videos, and really cool collaborations with other organizations and wonderful people. We are growing and expanding beautifully, thanks to you. I think this will be our best year yet!

May you always know you are loved.

Jessica, Travis, and the trustpsyche team

p.s. in case you missed the latest episode of Stream Podcast on the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, here it is!

Hello Everyone! I am proud to share with you my daughter, Luce Sophia DiRuzza. Luce was born in October as a Libra. As you can imagine, she has quite the powerful birth chart and quite the powerful entry into this world. She is fiercely sweet, loves music and dancing, has a wonderful sense of adventure, and loves to express herself—fully.  We are all doing very well and loving our time together as a new family.

In light of this Solstice, which was Saint Lucie’s Day before the calendrical reform (now it is on December 13th), and this incredible alignment of Jupiter and Saturn as the Star of Bethlehem, I want to release my podcast episode 23 of Stream—The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: Joy and Sorrow.

This Stream is a real gem. Luce was inside of me when I shared my insights on this planetary alignment. She of course is born with the great conjunction, and I have the square natally. I think that with our combined energies—Luce, me, and the Cosmos—we were able to channel something precious.

So in honor of this Great Conjunction, the Solstice, and Luce, I share with you Stream 23.

I hope you enjoy listening.  I look forward to being with you in the New Year for New Beginnings. Luce has given me so much and there is so much to say.

Blessings of light to you.

You can listen now to Stream: trustpsyche podcast on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, & Podbean.

Jessica DiRuzza and Christina Hardy have a rich conversation on the Saturn-Uranus cycle of time and how it relates to our current moment (closing song: Travis DiRuzza plays Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac).

Christina Hardy, MA from transpersonalservices.com | email: christina@transpersonalservices

Christina has been a practicing astrologer for 17 years. After receiving her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, she studied archetypal astrology for 5 years at the California Institute of Integral Studies with Rick Tarnas. She then expanded her practice by studying evolutionary astrology under Kim Marie Weimer and became certified in June 2019.

Christina previously worked as a Director of Career & Academic Advising at Youngstown State University in Ohio. She combines her astrological knowledge with her 15 years’ experience helping people find careers that nourish their soul while meeting their practical needs.

She is also a certified Deep Memory Process practitioner (taught by Patricia Walsh) and offers past-life hypnotherapy as a tool for understanding and healing one’s present life issues. She draws upon all these traditions to illumine the evolutionary intent of the soul, helping her clients navigate life’s challenges.

You can find more information about Christina at her website www.transpersonalservices.com. You will also find YouTube presentations describing the philosophy of evolutionary astrology as well as information about her upcoming courses in September 2020.

*For those of you who would like to learn Evolutionary Astrology, I highly recommend you study with Christina. She has an upcoming online EA course for beginners. Go to her website, transpersonalservices, to find out more information and to register for the upcoming September 2020 online course.

I felt called to create this 20-minute IGTV video yesterday after seeing my clients. Recording these videos on my  Instagram and YouTube channels, helps me integrate my understanding of psyche, relationships, what it means to be human, and archetypal dynamics expressed through our lives. Thank you for tuning in and joining me.


Your time and your energy are your two most precious and limited resources in this life. How we choose to use them directly makes the quality of life we live. We all need support to imagine a better life for ourselves. Are the choices you’re making worth it? Will you die with your heart open and in peace? These types of questions have helped me to make the life choices I need to, in order to have the life I want to live. I love my life and I love you. ❤️