Embodying Astrology in an Archetypal Cosmos

Embodying Astrology in an Archetypal Cosmos

Spring 2015
January 20th – April 28th

This 12-week course will begin at the end of January and run through April, meeting once a week for 2.5 hours from 6:30-9:00pm at CIIS. The group will choose which day of the week they wish to meet once the class has formed.

Course Description

This course aims at an integration of archetypal astrology and depth psychology both in its subject matter, as well as its pedagogy and format. If the insights of these disciplines are to be truly embodied, we cannot simply learn their content for application in the world at some later date. Instead the very classroom is a living expression of the archetypes, offering itself too for analysis. By setting our intentions on embodying the teachings of archetypal cosmology we will co-create a field of group consciousness whose endeavor is two-fold:

• The first segment of each class will examine rigorous and intuitive approaches to various astrological topics and practices while integrating the teachings of depth psychology. We will dive into the artistry of archetypal interpretation using the three forms of correspondence—natal chart, personal transits, and world transits—those maps of the underlying complicity between psyche and cosmos. An in-depth study of synastry, composite charts, and progressions will serve as a complement for understanding our archetypal complexes in relationships and as they unfold through time.

• The second portion of each class will open up to dialogue and council space with the intention of inviting the wisdom of each individual in service of strengthening the group mind. We are individuals who comprise a collective, evolving field; the archetypes are operating all along the spectrum between these poles. Your chart is already present in your learning style, our composite in the teacher-student relationship, everyone’s synastry with one another in the dialogue and group process that emerge. Can we become aware of the archetypal and psychological dynamics at work in the very act of learning and conversing about those dynamics? Can we slow down enough to see the tendencies and principles we are studying actually transpiring in the room? In addition to approaching astrology as a field of study, can we use this awareness to embody astrology as part of a living, archetypal cosmos?

This course is centered on deepening into astrology as a grounded, spiritual practice, providing you not only the tools of the trade but a living laboratory in which to begin to use them. My role is as a teacher of these tools, but also as a therapeutically-trained facilitator, holding the group process for a sustained period of time in a safe and creative container. We will learn consciously from one another, but also by tending to what is emerging from the group mind’s unconscious, addressing emotions, the unspoken, and interpersonal dynamics in service of deepening the learning field we share. Our aim is to bring out your inner astrologer by honoring each individual as part of a web of relationships informed by archetypal principles. The unique inflection of your natal chart is a gift from the cosmos to the collective, which you are called to live into in your own distinct way. This class celebrates and encourages all ways of knowing and varied expressions of the archetypes as vital movements in the cosmic dance.

The culmination of this course will be an astrology conference/forum that the class will organize, choose a theme for, and present to the larger community of CIIS at the end of the semester. Each student will have a timeslot to present on what emerged for them during the semester in any medium they feel called toward, e.g. speech, music, art, poetry, dance, experiential work, or anything else you can imagine and that your heart desires. The class will also co-create a service project beyond the walls of CIIS for the larger Bay Area community during an afternoon in the summer. All of this is to be envisioned and organized by the group. My role is to be fully present as teacher, facilitator of the process, holder of the creative container and safe space, and provider of guidance and mentoring as needed.

Required Reading
You will be emailed a PDF course reader before the class begins. You will not need to purchase any books. You will also have access to all of the resources I have including articles, notes, audio and video lectures, and podcasts.

*You will need to have already read Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New Worldview by Richard Tarnas.

This course will be spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually demanding. I expect critical thinking, deep self-reflection, and embodied presence in and out of the classroom. All classes will be audio recorded for your future reference.

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