We have a phenomenal group of students gathering from all around the world for our upcoming astrology course. We would absolutely love for you to join us if you feel called! We will spend 6 weeks together, as we dive deep into the meaning and use of Aspects in Astrology: Sacred Geometry. Together, we will create ritual magic through the practice and embodiment of astrology.

What I love about astrology is it’s ever deepening invitation to Connection. Connection with our Self, one another through community, and the Cosmos. In this course, we will embody this connection through the way we learn, co-create, and share in how Aspects manifest themselves in astrology. Through the lens of history, math, music, relationship, and psychological understanding, we will explore, integrate, and live together the meaning of the aspects in our birth charts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Travis DiRuzza at, we always love to hear from you.

Here is a 15-minute Instagram video I made today, to share some of my affinity with Aspects in Astrology.

We are thrilled to open registration for our next online astrology course, Aspects in Astrology: Sacred Geometry. Travis DiRuzza, PhD and I will be co-teaching this astrology class this February! This course is open to all levels, from beginner to advanced. We have designed this course so that it will be deeply informative for every person taking it.


This 6-week co-taught course covers in depth the meaning of the 5 major aspects in astrology, also known as the Ptolemaic aspects: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, and sextile. We study how to understand the aspects in the birth chart, personal transits, and world transits. We also explore the meaning of major aspect patterns such as the t-square, grand cross, grand trine, Star of David or grand sextile, yod, kite and mystic rectangle. Additionally, we go into the meaning of the minor aspects: the quincunx, semi-square, and sesquiquadrate, as well as the quintile and septile. A brief elaboration of the theory of harmonics provides an overarching framework. We approach the aspects historically, clinically, geometrically, mathematically, and musically. This course is open to all levels, from beginner to advanced, and is designed to enrich every level of student. Class will meet on Sundays from 12-3PM Eastern Time beginning February 26th through April 2nd.

In this course you will receive:

  • 18 hours of teaching with Jessica and Travis
  • Course syllabus
  • Assignments for every week
  • Supplemental materials, including recommended podcasts, readings, and videos
  • Permanent access to all course videos and materials via the course page.

There are 3 ways to take the class:

  1. Live in the Zoom classroom where you may ask questions and interact with teachers and students
  2. Live outside class in parallel, receiving lectures each week plus the opportunity to write on the class discussion board
  3. At your own pace

ASTRO CHAT occurs when we spontaneously turn on our phone recorder in the middle of what we are experiencing as a stimulating conversation about astrology. We are still discovering what ASTRO CHAT is, but for now, we can say this: It’s us in our life, doing what we love. You will hear background noise from the space we are in, as well as folks who come by and talk to us unaware (we get consent afterward). Everything is unedited and unrehearsed… It’s just us.

On 12.20.21 at 4:39PM we sat down to an early dinner at Flavio’s Italian restaurant where this 11-minute conversation took place.

One of my advanced astrology students, Verana Faye Bailowitz, is offering this new archetypal astrology course. I encourage you to check it out and contact Verana directly to take this online class. Verana is a doula and astrologer. A deep soul with so much heartfelt wisdom, a brilliant mind, and true guide. Verana has studied with me since 2015, and I am so excited that she is offering this course. This course is for beginners or those who want to refresh their understanding, knowledge, and practice of astrology. A great course to take before my Transit Astrology course this spring.

Read Verana’s course offering:

An Embodiment of Archetypal Astrology:

an introduction


with certified astrologer Verana Faye Bailowitz

Welcome to 2021! WOW. Wonder of Wonders.

Astrology is bursting into our collective awareness in a way it never has before.

We simply cannot deny how connected and interconnected we are and Astrology mirrors these connections every day! It feels so powerful and empowering to find ourselves held within something greater and guided by something deeply magical.

This is an extraordinary time to turn toward Astrology as a tool and lens for our healing, our wholeness, and for understanding our unique purpose at this wild and sacred time to be alive.

Please join me this February for a seven-week astrology course…

…designed for a small, intimate group, where we get to learn, integrate, heal, and explore TOGETHER.

Hi, my name is Verana and I am a certified Archetypal and Counseling Astrologer. I have been gestating this course for some time now and feel so excited to birth it at this time. This is a rare opportunity to deepen into astrological study, in a community setting.

We will embark on a journey together, with the planets, with our own unique birth charts, with each other. We begin February 11, 2021.

This course will be part teachings and part co-study. We will journey with each other into the different components of YOUR natal chart and how they weave together WITH YOU to tell the story of your unique life. We will incorporate somatic exercises to bring these archetypal energies into our bodies and get curious about how they feel within each of us. Come discover your unique embodiment of these archetypes as you begin or continue your journey of astrological exploration and study.

The first 60 minutes of each class will be spent in lecture format, followed by 30 minutes of community chart exploration. We will be using your charts to explore and uncover who we came here to be and who we authentically are. Co-exploring our souls’ journeys is my FAVORITE thing about studying astrology in a group. (With your individual consent, we will all be looking at your charts with one another and practice making meaning of the components we are studying.)

I will spend time each class offering my knowledge and understanding of the different components of the dynamic natal chart, including an introduction to the Planets, Signs, Aspects, Houses, and Transits and how to weave these together for greater depth and breadth of understanding and integration. Though all these components are important to the weaving of the whole chart, mostly we will be engaging with the planets, their archetypes, and the dynamic relationships they have with each other. REGISTER HERE!!




  • You are desiring to begin or continue exploring your natal chart and learn to read your chart with more connection, breadth, depth and agency?
  • You are you longing to feel more connected to your unique Soul’s journey?
  • You are wanting to study Astrology in an intimate, supportive group environment?
  • You want to bring the planets down into YOUR body, your breath, your being.
  • You want to be learning with an engaged, intimate group of folks ready to deepen into Soul exploration through the lens of Astrology.


  • a basic, yet thorough introduction to archetypal astrology and how to read your own chart
  • an in-depth invitation into the planetary archetypes and how these energies dance within you every day
  • a well-rounded understanding of the different components of the natal chart (i.e. planets, signs, houses, aspects) and how these components work together to create a dynamic and ever-changing story that is your life
  • an understanding of how to use astrology in a way that honors our unique design while creating empowerment for your unique will in how you tell the story of your own life

We will meet every Thursday evening from 5:30-7pm PST/PDT for 7 weeks

beginning February 11, 2021




*please contact Verana if you would like to request a payment plan option

The brilliance of the evolutionary impulse seen throughout the universe is the very same impulse that is embedded within your own soul and its desires. In this livestream, Christina Hardy paints a big picture view of the soul’s evolutionary intelligence as reflected in the astrological birth chart. Within this evolutionary context, she focuses on the meaning of the planetary symbols of Pluto, Mars, and the Moon’s Nodes as they describe the soul’s desires, karmic past, and evolutionary intent.

We are grateful for Christina’s presentation this month for the trustpsyche livestream. You can see more about Christina and schedule a reading with her at

We are very excited for our guest speaker next month, which we will announce this coming Tuesday!

Happy Lunar Eclipse! We would love for you to join our next livestream with the amazing evolutionary and archetypal astrologer, Christina Hardy!


Christina Hardy has been a practicing astrologer for 16 years. After receiving her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, she studied archetypal astrology for 5 years at the California Institute of Integral Studies with Rick Tarnas. Christina later expanded her practice by studying evolutionary astrology under Kim Marie Weimer for 5 years and is now certified as an evolutionary astrologer. She draws upon both traditions but, in particular, the evolutionary astrological perspective to bring to light the evolutionary intent of the soul for each question, concern, and issue that a client faces. Christina is also a certified Deep Memory Process practitioner (taught by Patricia Walsh) and offers past-life therapy as a tool for healing and understanding one’s present life issues. She draws upon all these traditions to with her heart-centered intuition to illumine the evolutionary intention of the soul, and to help her clients navigate life’s challenges. Learn more about her work at

As a depth psychotherapist and archetypal astrologer, I have deep reverence for the inner and outer work my friend, fellow psychotherapist and astrologer, Delia Shargel has done over the course of her life’s journey. Delia is a wise soul with so much to offer the world from the fertile ground of her psychotherapy practice where years of learning, research, and study have led to really amazing and critical insights into the nature of psychological and astrological complexes. Her newest article, “Psychological and Astrological Complexes: An Evolving Perspective” found in Issue 5 of Archai Journal, is a must read for any serious practitioner or student of these disciplines.

In this episode of Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast, Delia Shargel, Matthew Stelzner, and I discuss Delia’s groundbreaking article. We explore what complexes are and how they function psychologically, giving examples of how we can use the natal chart to work with them psycho-spiritually.  We also consider how this process could be a way of “feminizing” the Saturn archetype.

You may read Delia’s article here for free at And the really awesome appendix here with helpful tips on how to work with complexes. 

Here psychology is conceived as a necessary activity of the psyche, which constructs vessels and breaks them in order to deepen and intensify experience. -James Hillman

In the heart of my first Saturn return, on my 29th and half birthday, my first astrological piece, “Re-Visioning Saturn”, was published in Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. This piece represents a vision and understanding of the planetary archetype of Saturn I have held in my heart and practice through my 20s—bringing in a feminine understanding of the planetary archetype. “Re-Visioning Saturn” is a multi-tiered and holographic offering.

First and foremost, my piece is an offering to Saturn. The realm in which we live, the guardian of the threshold. Saturn is the one through which we enter and leave this world of spacetime. Incarnation and the experience of self and the divine is impossible without Saturn. My piece is an offering to the Great Mother from where we came, where we are going, and whose name we do not speak enough.

Second, this issue of Archai is dedicated to the ground-breaking archetypal psychologist, James Hillman, whose work fundamentally changed my worldview and therefore my life in my early 20s. Hillman’s great work, Re-Visioning Psychology lucidly articulates the need for an “archetypal eye”, to “see through” and turn the archetypes back on themselves to see the god that inform and shape any perspective we may have. For me, to study and integrate the fields of archetypal astrology and depth psychology helps illuminate, in what Hillman describes in Re-Visioning, one’s transformative path in life and divine connection to the Self and Cosmos. Hillman’s piece, “On Senex Consciousness” was republished in Issue 5 of Archai. My piece enters into a  critical dialogue with Hillman’s piece where I use the perspectives and methods he put forward in Re-Visioning Psychology and turn these concepts toward “On Senex Consciousness” and the contemporary view of the planetary archetype of Saturn.

Lastly, my piece is an offering to the astrological tradition. Tradition carries so much power. As comes with being a part of any lineage, I inherited many of the gifts and challenges of the astrological tradition. My piece is an honoring of my lineage and an attempt to shed light on aspects of it that I feel we are outgrowing as a human species.

Thank you to my partner, Travis DiRuzza, who helped me bring my vision into words and also wrote a kick-ass piece for this journal titled, “The Lighthouse and the Many-Hued Waves: The Saturn-Neptune Complex in the Life and Work of Virginia Woolf”. To my mentors and teachers with whom I have worked most closely —Rick Tarnas, Stan Grof and Chris Bache. Each have each given me so much that I will unfold and embody for the rest of my life. To the editors of Archai, Becca Tarnas and Grant Maxwell who helped refine my words and provided a platform for this piece. To my astrological and psychological colleagues whose conversations and ideas breathe through my life. And to the other awesome contributors to this journal of Issue 5: James Hillman, Rick Tarnas, Delia Shargel, Becca Tarnas, Matthew David Segall, Max DeArmon and Drew Dellinger. Please check out their work here in Archai: Saturn and the Theoretical Foundations of an Emerging Discipline.

Sal Sapiente. Amore Fati.


Archetypal Astrologers Matthew Stelzner, Delia Shargel, and myself honor Prince’s passing with an intimate dialogue of both Prince’s natal chart and the collective world transits which relate to his death. We have a meaningful conversation on how the Saturn-Neptune and Venus-Uranus archetypes are relevant to this moment, as we celebrate who Prince was and take in the gifts that are present in the midst of the pain.

Embodying Conference 2016 Flyer copyPlease join us for the 2nd annual Embodying Astrology in an Archetypal Cosmos Conference. Speakers will offer 20-minute multimedia presentations as the culmination of their embodied inquiry work in the field of archetypal astrology. All are welcome and the event is free and open to the public.

Sunday, April 24th, 1:00pm-6:00pm in Namaste Hall at the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

This conference comes out of the Embodying Astrology in an Archetypal Cosmos course. To find out about future archetypal astrology course offerings you may subscribe to this blog or email Jessica directly at