Initiation to Archetypal Astrology: Working with the Fundamentals

Initiation to Archetypal Astrology: Working with the Fundamentals

 Spring 2015

January 20th– April 28th

This 12-week course will begin at the end of January and run through April, meeting once a week for 2.5 hours from 6:30-9:00pm at CIIS. The group will choose which day of the week they wish to meet once the class has formed.

Course Description

By the end of our time together you will have everything you need to be fluent in the language and practice of archetypal astrology. You will learn the technical aspects of astrology required to read your own chart and transits, as well as those of others, including:

  • The three forms of correspondence—the natal chart, world transits, and personal transits.
  • The ten planetary archetypes and their meanings.
  • The geometrical aspects and their qualities.
  • The relationship of the signs and houses to the ten planetary archetypes.

You will have access to all of the astrological information and resources that I have, including articles, notes, audio and video lectures, and podcasts.

The class will have two components. The first half of each session will be a lesson plan covering the above material. The second half will be opened up for dialogue, questions, and group process.

By cultivating the ability to discern the planetary archetypes in your own psyche, your relationships, the larger world around you and the cosmos—this course will help to open what James Hillman called your archetypal eye. By the end of the semester you will be prepared to take intermediate and even advanced astrology classes.

Required Reading

A course reader in PDF format will be compiled and emailed to you before the class begins. You will not need to purchase any texts. All classes will be audio recorded for your future reference.

While reading will not be excessive this course does require full presence and participation in the immersion of astrology in order to integrate the full body of material within 12 weeks.


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