Chiron: The Archetype of the Wounded Healer

Chiron is the planetary archetype of the wounded healer. By understanding the meaning and working intelligence of Chiron, correlated with the position of Chiron in one’s birth chart, one can begin to elucidate the healing journey of one’s transpersonal wounds. This lecture is an excerpt from a course titled: Initiation to Archetypal Astrology: Working with the Fundamentals which you can find online in its full version here.


  1. I enjoyed your talk on Chiron, especially as its interpretation has always been a bit baffling, I am in the middle of a Pluto transit to my natal Chiron at 15 degrees Cap. in the third house. I am planning to start a Transpersonal Counselling diploma next year, so hopefully the transit ( and the multiple Uranus ones coming up) will guide me to overcome my fear and ambivalence about working in a field I know that I could contribute to, rather than just give advice to friends.

    PS Zane Stein was the first astrologer to discuss Chiron and has his own website.
    I did a Chiron workshop over several days in Bali with Melanie Reinhart – one of hte exercises was looking through Chiron via sign and comparing experiences.

    1. Hi Ange,

      Thank you for taking the time to watch my Chiron talk and sharing your musings here. The Transpersonal Counseling diploma seems like a great fit and a wonderful channel for your contributions around the Wounded-Healer archetype. Transpersonal psychology really has shined a light on this archetype. The great 20th century astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, was the first person to use the world “transpersonal”. I treasure his book, Astrology of Transformation.

      Thank you for the tip on Zane Stein.

      Warm blessings,

    2. Hi Agne,

      So glad you enjoyed the Chiron video. Transpersonal counseling sounds like a fabulous way to channel transiting Pluto conjunct Chiron! I wish you the very best on this next phase of your journey. And, thank you for the information about Zane Stein.


  2. Jessica, this talk on Chiron is immensely helpful. The way you describe, and animate, the perpetual cyclicity of inner wounding with outer healing, illuminates Chiron’s influence for me in a way I’ve never previously understood. The seeming contradictions inherent in Chiron begin to make sense for me. Since it’s so potently featured in my birthchart, it helps me understand why I’ve suffered in so many ways, in order to bring what feels like my soul’s assignment to the world. Thank you.

    1. Nina, thank you for your note here. I am honored to hear the Chiron talk was helpful for you. Being with the seeming contradictions inherent in Chiron, I believe, is what the shape of the glyph of Chiron (the key) is representing. Such a deep and powerful message about life. Thank you for helping make that connection for me now.

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