Happy Solstice! I have shared two videos on my Insta. The first is about this upcoming Capricorn New Moon on Friday, leading into this Holiday weekend. The second, is a 10-minute excerpt from my throw-back Chiron video.

We wish you a very merry Holiday season from us at Trust Psyche.

Eight years ago, I released this video. I had no idea at the time that so many people would connect with what I had to say. I see the 65,000+ views and wonder how did this happen? I was just sharing something that meant something to me. Now, I see it means something to you too. I am incredibly grateful to each person who has watched this, took it in, and has let me know it means something to them. I am here to be open and connect. I am here to share. I think many of us are here to do just that, in our own unique way. The fact that my sharing reached you, means the world to me. ย 

Since 2015, when this was recorded, I have continued to teach astrology and psychology. I have become a psychotherapist in private practice who incorporates astrology with my clients. I have also become a wife to Travis DiRuzza (the man behind the camera). We started an international online school together, Trust Psyche School of Astrology and Depth Psychology. ย Travis gives astrology readings, mentoring, and counseling, while I do psychotherapy. And, I became a mother to the most magnificent daughter. I work closely with my clients, my students, and my community. I love what I do more than ever. ย 

I listen back to what I said here, and I think to myself, I did this and it worked. I keep doing this and it keeps working. So here I am, sharing with you this video in hopes that it inspires you to live in deeper truth, listen more closely to yourself, and to trust that it will take you exactly where you need to go. ย 

Is there more to say? Always, and I plan to say it right here. ย 

Thank you for letting me share my voice. Thank you for letting me share my story. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Jessica DiRuzza, MFT and Michelle Anne Hobart, SEC, AMFT have a sacred conversation exploring Soul Purpose Astrology, Creativity, and Wholeness Weaving on Stream 20. To find out more about the upcoming online course, Awakening Healers, with Michelle and Kyle Buller, check out www.settingsunwellness.com/new-products/awakeninghealers.

Michelle is a Spiritual Emergence Coach, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, holistic wellness educator, and multi-modality intuitive. She supports those who are awakening into their gifts to be fully seen, held, and honored in the ways they are co-creating with the Universe in this time of transformation. Michelle offers Akashic Record Insight & Healing, Soul Purpose Astrology, Chakra Balancing, and Spiritual Emergence Coaching to help people align to their mission, reconnect to their reSourcing, and bring their unique gifts out into the world.

Michelle’s Website: www.creatingsacredspacewithmichelle.com

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Travis DiRuzza and I share with you Stream 19 | The Chariot: Venus Retrograde, Chiron & the Asteroids.

The online astrology course we refer to in this episode is Deepen Your Astrological Practice, which you can read more about here. Trustpsyche school is proud to be growing internationally everyday. We currently have over 100 students studying all across the United States and around the world. Thank you to all our amazing students. You keep our world going round.

***To listen to Stream 18, you will need to go to my Instagram page trustpsyche_ and watch the video on Instagram TV where I recorded the episode live. I would love for you to follow me on IG and join in the next Instagram live.


GRAIL by Contessa Magdalena (aka Tessa Barr)

Grail is the piece of art that I refer to in both Stream 18 & 19 by my wonderful student, artist, and astrologer, Tess Barr. Check out her visionary work, including her sacred rattles, which I share mine at the end of Stream 18 on my Instagram live. Tessa’s work is prominently featured throughout the online astrology course, Deepen Your Astrological Practice.

Chiron is the planetary archetype of the wounded healer. By understanding the meaning and working intelligenceย of Chiron, correlated withย the position of Chiron in one’s birth chart, one can begin to elucidate the healing journey of one’s transpersonal wounds.ย This lecture is an excerpt from a course titled: Initiation to Archetypal Astrology: Working with the Fundamentals which you can find online in its full version here.