Free Webinar

To all my students around the world, I want to see you and spend time together. Whether we have worked with one another in person or online, I invite YOU to this free webinar, exclusively for trustpsyche students, for you to ask all the questions you have been holding. The live Q&A will be hosted on Zoom on Friday, August 14th at 1PM ET (10AM PT) for approximately 90 minutes. RSVP to receive the link at or on the home page.

This time will be fully dedicated to answering your questions. I will not prepare any material to teach. Please refrain from asking personal questions about your birth chart. Instead, reframe the question so that everyone may benefit from hearing the answer. For example, if you are curious about what your natal grand cross means, ask the question like this, “if someone has a grand cross in their birth chart, how do we interpret that?” I always like to ask my questions in a way that both benefits my learning and curiosity, as well as that of everyone else listening.

Now is a good time to begin studying with me if you have been considering taking astrology classes. The two courses available right now are Initiation to Archetypal Astrology and Deepen Your Astrological Practice. I recommend beginning with IAA and then doing DYAP. Together the two create a very strong foundation for all levels of astrologer learners and practitioners. These two courses are designed for spiritual seekers, personal development, therapists, coaches, healers, yoga instructors, and anyone wanting to bring astrology more fully into their personal and professional lives. 

In 2021, trustpsyche will offer three new online astrology courses for all levels. Personal Transits in Astrology, Aspects in Astrology, and The Astronomy and Cultural History of Astrology

It is such an honor to be your teacher and have the opportunity to share and create this body of knowledge and wisdom with you. If you cannot make the live webinar, it will be recorded for you to access later. You still need to sign-up at

I very much look forward to our special time together. I love teaching and it is pure joy for me to get to be with each of you. See you very soon,

Jessica DiRuzza