Systems View of Astrology (Stream 4)

How we see our lives has so much to do with the way we interpret and make meaning of what is occurring. How do we get beyond the general symbols of astrology, to connect with the unrepeatable particularities of a person’ life? In the fourth Stream, Systems View of Astrology, I consider how much more there is to astrological interpretation than the symbols themselves—for they are just one small part of each of our unique stories. Beneath the repeating planetary patterns lie singular lives that transcend and will never be fully explained by those patterns.

In this Stream, I also share how when we go through a psycho-spiritual death and rebirth in life, our chart does too. The way we participate with and experience the planetary archetypes also dies and is reborn. New levels of meaning, and therefore possibility, are created. We evolve, as do the archetypes. This is the essence of relationship and participation: Both entities are changed.

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