Correlations: Archetypal Astrology Podcast

Archetypal Astrologers Delia Shargel, Matthew Stelzner, and myself have an awesome conversation about what we have been feeling and seeing in the archetypal cosmos, with a specific focus on the current rare Venus-Mercury-Pluto (Moon) alignment. We have an interesting dialogue about the nature of emotional repression and how the psyche naturally regulates itself around contact with our deepest needs for connection and for being seen by others, as well as how this relates to our communication patterns. This leads into a discussion about what it means to see astrology through the metaphor of “medicine path.” Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Correlations: Archetypal Astrology Podcast

  1. Thanks Jessica, I loved it! I will be in touch in the next few weeks about doing your course. The beginning of the year has been financially challenging for me so I’ll be in touch when things settle.
    Many thanks, love and blessings
    Wendy Bugg

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thanks so much for listening to the podcast! I look forward to hearing from you about taking the course soon. Until then, many blessings! Jessica

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