New Astrology Video! Capricorn Season: Ritual Magic with Astrology

Here is my astrology video that I gave for my birthday this year. Wow, what an incredibly special experience it was and continues to be for me. 50 of us came together to co-create a ritual of magic. I shared about my understanding of astrology, the archetypes, Capricorns, Capricorn season, the meaning of birthdays, ritual magic, metaphysics, and making wishes come true. You can join the fun by watching the video. All we created then is still alive now, and is something you get to be a part of as well. Come on the journey with us. I will let you know now, that my wish 100% came true.

The painting I am standing in front of is called, “The Cosmic Muse” created by Danna Clare from Enchanted Realism at Danna is a beloved student of mine who is a phenomenal creative artist and guide for people who want to embody an enchanted life through astrology and creativity. I am honored to have Cosmic Muse in my home and in my life.

Early bird ends today for our upcoming astrology course, Aspects in Astrology: Sacred Geometry. Now is the time to live astrology with us.

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