YOU are invited to my birthday party!

Happy Gemini Full Moon with the occultation of Mars! (occult means “to hide”, and when an occultation of a planet occurs, in this case with the Moon, Mars passed behind the Moon yesterday). It was super beautiful to watch in the night sky. Mars is the brightest it gets right now (go out and look for that red beauty), because it is opposite the Sun, in its full moon position. Fun astronomy fact, Mars is always retrograde when opposite the Sun.

YOU are invited to my 36th birthday party on Zoom! I would love for you to come celebrate with me. I will give an astrology talk on my favorite things right now, followed by Q & A, and shares. There will be a special addition as well.

When I thought about what would make me happy this birthday, I definitely knew I wanted to spend it talking about what I love with the ones I love. All are welcome, the event is free, and open to the public!

Link here: