Moon-Chiron: The Mother-Wound & Parentified Children

I live streamed this 30-minute video yesterday on the themes of parentified children and childhood wounding. I decided to connect this relational dynamic with Moon-Chiron. However, as I state in the beginning of the video, you do not need to have Moon-Chiron in aspect in your natal chart to be a parentified child. Parentification is not seen in the chart. Just as an astrologer cannot look at a chart and tell you if someone is introverted or extraverted, they cannot look for any one aspect in a chart to tell you if someone is parentified. When we know someone is an introverted Leo versus an extraverted Leo then the chart becomes more grounded in the context of the given person’s life. The chart itself cannot let any person know if a Leo is introverted or extroverted. I think this psychological truth needs to be integrated more fully into the field of astrology.

Thank you!