Album Release!

My favorite human just released his cover album, TAKE COVER! I would love for you to listen right here and soak up all the magic of Travis DiRuzza. Travis very much channels his natal Venus opposite Uranus, in a Yod with Neptune and Pluto.

Message from Travis:

I am excited to release Take Cover, an album of cover songs I performed, recorded, and produced myself on guitar and voice. Please have a listen on my website here and have a look around the site while you’re there—I’ve added many of the albums I’ve recorded on (more still being added!)

Jessica and I are expecting our daughter at the beginning of November, and with all the Covid curtailments, this incubation period has been especially creative and productive for us. After completing my PhD in philosophy and religion this year, I’ve had more time to return to music. Take Cover started out as a demo project to get some gigs in bars and restaurants on our little beach island. I’ve always been a bass player and honestly, have always been self-conscious about my singing voice, so this guitar and vocals project has been a humbling growth experience for me, plus all I’ve learned about recording and production along the way. I gathered my favorite songs over the years, ones that I love to play, that touch my heart, and are suited to my voice. The title of the album (besides referring to musical “takes” and the cover tunes) reflects the turbulent times we’re living in, especially the first and last tracks. But it also refers to the warm shelter we can offer one another during such times. Ever notice how almost every song ever is a love song, whether jubilant or broken?

Stay tuned for two more albums I am releasing in the coming months, The Wicked Wonder for jazz sextet and narration, and Perichoresis which brings together music, dance, visual art, and poetry. Hit the “follow” button on the bottom of my website to stay abreast of all my creations.

Lastly, I want to mention trustpsyche school, Jessica and my educational initiative for astrology, psychology, and philosophy. We’ve been busy teaching online classes, webinars, and events, and recently celebrated over 100 students worldwide. We’re offering three new courses in 2021 and look forward to hosting in-person retreats in the future.

With love,