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I am grateful to my client who reminded me of what I wrote one year ago. The truth continues to resonate for me. How about you?
Dearest Ones,
We have entered the final year of the Uranus-Pluto square of 2008-2020. Now, Saturn and Pluto have made a conjunction in Capricorn from 2018-2021, what I am calling the Time of Great Reckoning. Saturn-Pluto periods, like the one we are in now, test the structural integrity of all the systems of which we are a part – whether that is the family system, the system of the body, the work system, the financial system, the systems of government, or our shared ecological system. Where there is sound integrity, there is a deep grounding of the energy that sustains our ability to hold powerful forces of deep maturation and wisdom. Where there is not sound integrity, the more out of alignment we are, the harder the impact on the system, leading to potential collapse, breakdown, massive destruction, and loss. Saturn-Pluto, the truth serum, unearths this whole range of consequences. There is no hiding anymore, for better and for worse. The infrastructure of who we are, from our most inner world to our most outer, is being tested and realigned where necessary, for Saturn-Pluto is the driving force of our collective moral evolution.
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Happy Earth Day! Bicycle Day! 4.20 Day!

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