Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Have a listen to this fifty minute dialogue on how to make the most of Mercury retrograde from a healing or therapeutic perspective between my dear friend and colleague, Delia Shargel and myself. I know these three week Mercury retrograde periods can be tough and challenge our patience and resolve, and I see and feel the true gifts when we stay with our process, whatever that may be right now.

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  1. You two sealed a message in a bottle and floated it away from your Bay last April and on Tuesday it floated up into the Ligurian Bay. Exactly on time! I have unsealed it and I have been pouring over its contents each day since. To listen to you two in conversation is like eavesdropping on the ‘gods’ at table. You drop vivifying wisdom into my ears. You shine pencil beams of light on my path to guide my in-sight. You two speak the language of a Rosetta Stone that is helping me to read my life. THANK YOU so much for giving us so much.

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