Saturn-Mars: Working with Anger

In session four, Delia and Jessica go on a Saturn-Mars archetypal odyssey exploring different ways that Mars can express as the emotion of anger, and how we can bring a Saturnian discipline and focus to that expression in our relationships, family systems and work in the world. They discuss working with anger in an affect-avoidant culture, where aggression often comes through as toxic hyper-masculinity, and how to recover the libidinal life-force beneath that. Now is a powerful time to reflect on the Saturn-Mars opposition in the sky as it is currently alive and well on the world stage for all of us.

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  1. Saturn – Mars reads frustration and being in a holding pattern. I am currently at the tail end of Saturn transiting ( by square) my 11th house Mars in Virgo. Certainly an energy sapping transit where practical aspects of life – health and finances -have had to be met. Have also been working very hard and very efficiently, taking it all too seriously!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing, AMK. Those are definitely classic Mars-Saturn experiences coming through your life right now. I can relate to the feelings of frustration and constriction around practical Saturnian matters of life like health and finances. I also have transiting Saturn square my Mars in late Pisces and for the first time in my life have a dedicated work out routine and eating habits. It all came out of necessity around burn out with my work. Now, I have balanced each morning with a self-care routine (lemon water, running, muscle building, smoothie, journaling, meditation and then everything else) that I do no matter what else is happening. It has literally saved my life. Took many years to finally get here but am so grateful. The first month was difficult but now it like the air I breathe. Sending all well wishes as you continue to find your groove through these wild times. ~Jessica

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