Astrology Readings, Mentoring & Counseling

Trust Psyche offers archetypal astrology readings, mentoring, and counseling, from a depth psychological and transpersonal perspective through Travis DiRuzza. He provides a compassionate presence and heart-centered wisdom, joined with embodied knowledge and insight from 15 years of astrological study and doctoral-level research in Western cultural and philosophical history.

Travis offers the following types of astrology readings:

  • Individual readings of your natal chart and transits
  • Synastry and composite chart readings for couples or families
  • Solar return readings for birthdays and the year ahead
  • Astrobiography readings to better understand major life events in your past
  • Readings for newborns and adolescents
  • Recorded readings for those who do not wish to meet via Zoom.

Sessions are 90 minutes. Fill out the form below and he will email you back to schedule a time for the reading, or contact him at Once I offer you a time, you have 72 hours to claim it before it is free to pass to another client.

Pay for your 90-minute reading ($225) to reserve your time. Once you have paid for your session, Travis will send you a Zoom link. By paying for your session you agree to the policies listed below.

You can find Travis’ astrology courses, articles, and videos on his website.

General Information and Policies

Confidentiality: Our working relationship and all information that pertains to it will be kept strictly confidential. 

Recording of Session: I will audio and video record our session and email it to you for future reference. Your recordings will be available to download for 2 weeks after our session. After that point, I cannot guarantee that I will retain the recordings.

Payment: I prefer payment via PayPal but can accept Venmo or Zelle if needed. Payment is required at least one week in advance of our session.

Cancellation and Rescheduling: If you need to cancel or reschedule our time for any reason, please let me know me at least 48 hours prior to the session. The fee will be charged for missed or rescheduled sessions without notification.

Time Zone and Scheduling Sessions: I work in the Eastern Time zone of the USA. I schedule all sessions in Eastern Time. It is your responsibility to calculate the time zone difference between us. If at any point, you miscalculate our time zone difference and miss a session, you are responsible for paying for the session in full as stated above. 

Preparation for Our Time Together: Please arrive in our session as grounded and centered as possible, so that we can dive right in together and get the most out of our time. I recommend you be in a private, quiet space, and come to a place of outer and inner stillness before we meet. Please come prepared to share for a few minutes at the beginning of the reading about what is happening in your life and what you would like us to cover together.

It may be helpful for you to read Introduction to Archetypal Astrology by Richard Tarnas to learn more about the kind of astrology I practice, as well as my metaphysical assumptions. Archetypal astrology focuses on the aspects or angular relationships between the planets and uses wider orbs of influence than other approaches. The above essay is a great astrological resource before and after your session.