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Jessica DiRuzza, MFT shares her stream of consciousness and hosts sacred conversations in the realms of archetypal astrology & depth psychology, exploring how we live the most meaningful lives we can with the precious time we have here. New episodes released monthly! Subscribe free, on your favorite podcast app.

Correlations: Living Life with Astrology Podcast. Please join myself, Matthew Stelzner and fellow astrologers for our lively adventures into astrology and much more. We record sessions regularly.


Trustpsyche presents their monthly livestream where Jessica discusses personal and collective karma, deep time, deep ecology, transformation of systems and structures, and the hard work necessary to accomplish great things. 

I am very excited to announce and share with you my greatest contribution to astrology and the astrological worldview thus far! Deepen Your Astrological Practice is my new online astrology course which you can begin right now. Here is a section from the course on the archetypal combination of Moon and Pluto. Watch until the end to see the amazing dancer Soleil Chappelle and musician/producer Travis DiRuzza in their artistic creation for Moon-Pluto.

Chiron: The Archetype of the Wounded Healer

This lecture is an excerpt from a course titled: Initiation to Archetypal Astrology: Working with the Fundamentals which you can find online in its full version. Chiron is the planetary archetype of the wounded healer. By understanding the meaning and working intelligence of Chiron, correlated with the position of Chiron in one’s birth chart, one can begin to elucidate the healing journey of one’s transpersonal wounds.

Neptune and Saturn: Rekindling a Cosmic Love Affair of Spirit and Matter

From 2014-2017 the planets Saturn and Neptune will be in a 90 degree square to one another informing and permeating the collective psyche during this radical and revolutionary time. This presentation given at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California in October 2014 explores the archetypal meaning and significance of this planetary combination in our times.

Trusting Psyche: A Dialogical Inquiry Into Shame and Our Archetypal Moment

This is a talk given at the California Institute of Integral Studies for the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Forum, in November 2013, for a participatory inquiry into the untamed depths of the collective psyche. Our planetary civilization finds itself poised on the dramatic evolutionary threshold between death and rebirth. In this time of momentous change, humanity is being called to plunge into the underworld to heal the wounds of patriarchy. Drawing upon her astrological counseling practice, as well as insights emerging in the course of her master’s thesis research into the way shame inhibits one’s authentic voice, Jessica hopes to initiate a group dialogue centered around the task of reclaiming our soulful voices from the shadows of a dying patriarchal society.

Finding the Boon in the Heroine and Hero’s Journey: The Courageous Act of Self-Love

A presentation at the 2013 Cosmology of Love Conference at the California Institute of Integral Studies. The journey into the underworld is perilous, for here we encounter one of the darkest and most destructive forces in the psyche, shame. The courage that it takes to face this dark monster is one of the most heroic and rewarding acts known to humankind, for it is in the deepest cave that we find what we are looking for: Love. From a depth perspective, one can see that in order to whole-heartedly share our gifts with this world, the heroine or hero must descend into the underworld to discover the treasure or boon. This is a journey guided by the reclamation of one’s Creative Power, thereby re-connecting with the wisdom of the Self. It seems that this quest can only be truly accomplished through the courageous act of self-love; liberating the awareness and deep acceptance of one’s true nature.

Archetypes and a Participatory Vision: Living in a Multivalent Cosmos

A lecture given at the California Institute of Integral Studies in October 2011, for the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) Forum

Trickster and the Sixth Mass Extinction (in 10 minutes)

A presentation given at Pacifica Graduate Institute in June 2013, for my final in the class on the role of Trickster in Depth Psychology. I incorporated some of the qualities of the Trickster; including, appetite, trap, boundary crossing and reversals, and paradox while briefly addressing the current sixth mass extinction on the Earth.

Exploring the Astrological Spectrum: Both Light and Shadow of Planetary Combinations

A talk given at the San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS) in January 2013. This talk explores how we honor and convey the inherent positive and negative potentials found in any given planetary combination, whether in the natal chart or transits, without sounding like we are contradicting ourselves. Together, we explored the spectrum of planetary combinations, and how this wide range of possible expression allows us to hold the complexities of any given birth chart or transit for the empowerment and well-being of our clients and one another. Interpreting from a perspective that honors the whole spectrum of creative potential gives the client more room to live a participatory, creative, dynamic, and fulfilling life.

Ethics in Astrological Practice

This lecture on the ethics of practicing astrology was given at the California Institute of Integral Studies through an astrology group called Coniunctio in February 2011. In it is the exploration of the ethical considerations one must assimilate before engaging in the sacred practice of astrological counseling.