Initiation to Archetypal Astrology

Initiation to Archetypal Astrology: Working with the Fundamentals

An excerpt from IAA


– 26 hours of teaching with Jessica DiRuzza (video)

– Full transcripts of Jessica’s teaching

– Course syllabus

– 250-page PDF of readings, exercises, and course guides

– Permanent access to all materials to study at your own pace

This course is the entry point to archetypal astrology, teaching you everything you need to be well-versed in its language and practice. If you are looking both to learn how to read birth charts and transits, as well as to understand archetypal cosmology, this course is for you. Here you learn the technical aspects of chart reading—including the workings and meanings of the aspects, planets, signs, and houses—combined with a broader understanding of worldview. By cultivating the ability to discern the planetary archetypes in your own psyche, your relationships, and the larger cosmos around you, this course will help to open what psychologist James Hillman calls your archetypal eye. By the end of the twelve weeks, you will be prepared to take intermediate and even advanced astrology courses.

Whereas Initiation to Archetypal Astrology teaches you the technical nuts and bolts of the discipline, Deepen Your Astrological Practice focuses entirely on the meaning and interpretation of the planets in combination (Sun and Moon out to Neptune and Pluto).