**I am only accepting psychotherapy clients and consulting clients.**

I offer one hour consultations to provide guidance and feedback in whatever may be arising for you on your journey. We can discuss any aspect of your life that you desire. Consultations may be used for counseling, mentoring, and business planning. I use the tools of astrology (I look at your natal chart and transits as we speak), psychotherapy, and being a channel as an intuitive empath in our time together.  I do not offer astrology readings anymore. If you would like a full reading please see my recommended referrals at the bottom of this page.

My work includes guidance around career and business planning, family planning, integrating child-birth, conscious parenting, preparing for all major life decisions, divorce or separation counseling, understanding past events, preparing for and integrating from expanded states of consciousness, and working with and integrating traumatic experiences. I combine the rigor of my years of study and training in psychology, astrology, and expanded states of consciousness with a highly intuitive and compassionate approach. I am clinically trained to hold space for people in times of major life transitions and periods of crisis.

I offer consultations via Skype or phone to clients around the world.

My consulting fee is $200 per hour.

For scheduling, please contact me at:

It would be my honor to work with you on your unfolding journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

All my relations,


Recommended astrologers for full readings (you may contact me directly to see which one may be the best fit for you needs):

Matthew Stelzner

Christina Hardy: or 330-402-7823

 Blake Baxley: