When the two planets of Venus and Pluto make any major aspect in the natal chart, we can gain an intimate understanding of how Venus-Pluto natives psychologically relate to other people. By understanding the light and shadow expression of this planetary pair, we become familiar with the archetypal narrative or mythology of how a person is working with and through this energy in their life. Soul-making is that potent and magical intersection of combining the universal meaning of a planetary aspect with the unique soul expression of a human being embodying the particularities of their life’s journey. Like the yin-yang symbol, the light and shadow are both interrelated and dependent on one another for their existence, as seen in the transformative journey or story of the dance between any two archetypal qualities, in this case, Venus and Pluto. Each planetary pair is a living archetypal story, and once we know that story, we can understand where we have come from and glean insight into where we are going.

In my experience, being human means knowing pain, loss, fear, and confusion along with joy, felt intimacy, and meaningful connection. Meaningful relationship, with ourselves and with others, is the foundation of a balanced and flourishing life. And yet, so often our lives can be filled with difficult and challenging emotions. The archetype of the Moon is the psycho-somatic part of our being – our bodies, feelings, and emotions. The Moon is the relationship we have with our mother and family, our early childhood experiences, and how we nurture ourselves and others. Whereas the archetype of Jupiter expands whatever it touches so we must first look at what is being touched in the lunar dimension of life to understand what is being amplified here. Growth often comes with growing pains, some discomfort, anxiety, and fear of the unknown as we work our edges. Moon-Jupiter teaches us that when we take care of our core needs and nourish ourselves there is an abundance of support and maternal care that blesses our lives. When we get overly caught in what is comfortable and easy we sometimes miss the larger call to grow.

I wanted to re-share this podcast episode with you under today’s Moon-Jupiter-Chiron triple conjunction in Aries.

Sung to you by the lovely Travis DiRuzza.

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Jupiter and Chiron are conjunct in the sky in the sign of Aries. This planetary energy represents the expansion and amplification of both our individual and collective pain, suffering, and wounds. At the same time, it also brings to life the healing we have done and are currently doing around tending to the places and spaces we are hurting. In that, there is a profound celebration and abundance that enters into our lives through that expansion of our power (not over, but with or alongside) when we practice embodying our truth and see that it becomes the medicine that is both for our highest good and the highest good of others. So much of the tending of Chironic wounds comes with how we live in deep compassion for our Self and that love (healing) that shows up when we show up to take care of what is hurting. The only thing we are responsible for is our part.

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In episode 32, Jessica shares her understanding of how the two planetary archetypes of Venus and Saturn work together in our everyday lives. She explores in depth how Saturn transiting Venus manifests in our relationships, with money, and our creative process. 

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I have a renewed reverence for astrology. Most of which is being brought to light by both witnessing and understanding what our ancestors have done to bring into our world, and through my sky-watching practices and rituals. All of this is happening because I get the great privilege and fortune of studying with Travis DiRuzza in his course, The Astronomy and Cultural History of Astrology.

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