In this podcast, I talk with my dear friend and brilliant astrologer, Matthew Stelzner. We dive into the joy of astrology and the joy of being professional astrologers. We also discuss the joy of watching the night sky and our love of sacred astronomy. Matthew is one of my favorite people to talk to about astrology, metaphysics, being human, and life.

Matthew Stelzner is a San Francisco-based professional intuitive guide and teacher, working with both astrology and tarot for 25 years. He also worked for many years as a professional facilitator and trainer of Holotropic Breathwork. As a group leader for workshops and trainings offering that method, he held space for people doing very powerful work in expanded states of consciousness. His combined experiences in these two main areas of work, along with his training in counseling psychology, have lead to a unique approach to working with clients that is all about trusting the healing force within each person to lead the way. His intuitive readings bring him so much happiness and gratitude, and he feels blessed to have had many magic experiences working with clients deeply committed to their own psychospiritual growth. He has a YouTube channel where he regularly publishes content on the joy of astrology and his website is

I hope you enjoy the new sound and new look to my podcast! More to come!!

You can still register, RIGHT HERE, for my upcoming astrology talk on, The Living Cosmos: Planetary Relationships in Astrology and Depth Psychology at the Baltimore Astrological Society.

Hi Everyone,

Happy Equinox! I am thrilled to be speaking at the Baltimore Astrological Society next month on Saturday, April 17th. I cordially invite you to come hear me speak on “The Living Cosmos: Planetary Relationships in Astrology and Depth Psychology”. This will be an enlivening talk on some of my favorite astrological topics. We will have a lot of fun! I would love to see your familiar face.

I want to thank Contessa Magdalena for inviting me to speak. I LOVE speaking engagements and the opportunity to share my most fresh understandings of astrology and my love of our Cosmos. Please come! Flyer below with all the details.

I recorded this 30-minute livestream on my YouTube channel a few days ago on Saturn Transits. I hope you enjoy listening and get some good food for thought.

Also, I am really excited about the re-branding of Trust Psyche. I am in love with my new logo, which you can see below in her myriad of forms and colors. We will change the overall look and feel of the website over the coming weeks. After a decade of my previous logo, I decided it was time for a rebirth of Trust Psyche. I will be recording a podcast episode on this rebranding in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Thank you for being on this cosmic journey with me and all of us here at Trust Psyche.

Healthy Relationships: The Wisdom and Blocks of Moon-Saturn

The Leo Moon opposite Mercury and Saturn inspired this IGTV live. This is a talk about master couples versus disaster couples and the pioneering work of the Gottmans’.

Please join me on Insta LIVE, tomorrow, Friday, 2/26, at 3:30PM Eastern Time for a lively and lovely discussion on all these changes, with the formidable James Socci.

After 10 years with the trustpsyche logo (something I was convinced I would never change), I have decided, with the guidance of my wise council, to change my logo and website. I have grown so much over the past decade and so has Trust Psyche. I am born with the Saturn-Uranus conjunction of 1987, became a professional astrologer under the opposition in 2007-08, and now with the current square I am ready to integrate and become all the changes I have experienced (a fabulous way to honor Saturn-Uranus alignments). I am beyond in love with my new logo and website. All to be released in the coming days. A major rebirth for me and everything I believe in with astrology and depth psychology.

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous in the end” -Robin Sharma (born with the Saturn-Uranus opposition of 1964).

𝔸𝕣𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕒 𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕡𝕝𝕖? ʟɪꜱᴛᴇɴ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜɪꜱ!

Brene Brown nailed it once again with her podcast, Unlocking Us, as she interviewed The Gottmans’ from the Gottman Institute.

The Gottmans’ were foundational in my graduate studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute for Depth Psychology.

I love their brilliant work and apply their methods for both my work with clients and for my marriage with Travis.

With Mars square Venus in the sky right now, we can all benefit from giving energy to our relationships.

**TODAY is the last day for EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for Transit Astrology: The Art of Living. We begin on Sundays from 1-3:30PM Eastern Time for 8 weeks online, April 11th – May 30th. All classes will be recorded and you will have permanent access to all course material. We have a phenomenal group, I would love for you to join the cosmic journey with us.


One thing I love about teaching is connecting with people from all around the world. I work with a diverse group of people from all walks of life. This greatly enriches me and the other students as they get to know one another and form a global community. I have students in Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Argentina, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and all across the United States. Wow, am I lucky.  

During challenging times such as these, coming together in community for our shared love and passion for astrology and what it shows us about the Cosmos, is one way to fortify our spirits and find solidarity with like-minded people. I would love for you to be one of those people.

These photos are from one of my favorite astrology teaching trips to China! I hope to come to your country after the pandemic. I would love to be with you in person someday soon.

If you have any questions, please email us at

I enjoyed creating this video for you on my YouTube channel. As I have mentioned before, I sometimes like to spontaneously get on my channel and do a livestream video on astrology. This time, I wanted to share how I use astrology in my life, and how I connect the planetary archetypes with the events occurring each day. Astrologers are phenomenologists, and I demonstrate this very thing right here for you.

Only one week left for the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for my upcoming astrology course, TRANSIT ASTROLOGY: The Art of Living. The course is usually $349, but before February 24th, it is $299. Unless you are already a Trust Psyche student, then you can get the course LIVE or RECORDED for $269.

Email for any questions you may have about this course or any other Trust Psyche courses.

I am going live at 5PM Eastern Time on the Trust Psyche YouTube channel. Join me for 30 minutes into how I use astrology in my everyday life. I will share the recorded version of this talk tomorrow.

To register for my upcoming course, TRANSIT ASTROLOGY: The Art of Living, click here. We begin April 11th – May 30th. Early bird discount until Feb. 24th! You can receive the discount for either the live class or the recorded version. If you need to miss a class or two that is okay, because the video of class will be sent out each week.

We have a fabulous group of students. Come join the adventure. I would love to be your teacher!

Questions? Email:

New album! The Wicked Wonder: A Symphonic Fairy Tale: The King and Queen’s daughter has gone missing and her disappearance has spun the entire realm into disarray and decline. A young shepherdess must become the heroine of the land in its darkest hour (live link in bio).

Featuring Vatchapuj Collective, 13 performers from the US, France, and Thailand. Recorded in all 3 countries, the album is a testament to my many journeys, both geographic and spiritual, and a tribute to the amazing souls I’ve had the honor to play and commune with along the way.

Howard Ashman, the great lyricist and creative force behind Little Shop of Horrors, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin, said that a good retelling of a timeless tale conveys to your listeners what your own unique experience of awe was when you heard that story for the very first time:

  1. The Wicked Wonder is a retelling of The Brothers Grimm fairy tale, The Princess and the Tree, as retold and interpreted by Carl Jung in Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious.
  2. The Wicked Wonder is a retelling of Dark Side of Oz, the cult classic in which Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is cued up to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz movie.
  3. The Wicked Wonder is a retelling of Beethoven’s 3rd symphony—the Eroica (“heroic”).

This album is dedicated to my daughter, Luce Sophia DiRuzza, the freshly rooted light of wisdom in my life. Completing this project, I ritually let go of the place of prominence of my solar ego, embracing the lunar web that connects me to every other—my wife, my daughter, my family, my community, my planet, my world. The Wicked Wonder is about how the individualist myth must finally give way to a metaphysics of relationship: “Our lovers and children make us frightened of dying—autonomy eclipsed by communion.” It’s about how the lone hero must finally become a responsible leader and a member of a team.

Give it a deep listen from start to finish (48’) on a nice sound system or pair of headphones, at my website, Spotify, or Bandcamp.

One of my advanced astrology students, Verana Faye Bailowitz, is offering this new archetypal astrology course. I encourage you to check it out and contact Verana directly to take this online class. Verana is a doula and astrologer. A deep soul with so much heartfelt wisdom, a brilliant mind, and true guide. Verana has studied with me since 2015, and I am so excited that she is offering this course. This course is for beginners or those who want to refresh their understanding, knowledge, and practice of astrology. A great course to take before my Transit Astrology course this spring.

Read Verana’s course offering:

An Embodiment of Archetypal Astrology:

an introduction


with certified astrologer Verana Faye Bailowitz

Welcome to 2021! WOW. Wonder of Wonders.

Astrology is bursting into our collective awareness in a way it never has before.

We simply cannot deny how connected and interconnected we are and Astrology mirrors these connections every day! It feels so powerful and empowering to find ourselves held within something greater and guided by something deeply magical.

This is an extraordinary time to turn toward Astrology as a tool and lens for our healing, our wholeness, and for understanding our unique purpose at this wild and sacred time to be alive.

Please join me this February for a seven-week astrology course…

…designed for a small, intimate group, where we get to learn, integrate, heal, and explore TOGETHER.

Hi, my name is Verana and I am a certified Archetypal and Counseling Astrologer. I have been gestating this course for some time now and feel so excited to birth it at this time. This is a rare opportunity to deepen into astrological study, in a community setting.

We will embark on a journey together, with the planets, with our own unique birth charts, with each other. We begin February 11, 2021.

This course will be part teachings and part co-study. We will journey with each other into the different components of YOUR natal chart and how they weave together WITH YOU to tell the story of your unique life. We will incorporate somatic exercises to bring these archetypal energies into our bodies and get curious about how they feel within each of us. Come discover your unique embodiment of these archetypes as you begin or continue your journey of astrological exploration and study.

The first 60 minutes of each class will be spent in lecture format, followed by 30 minutes of community chart exploration. We will be using your charts to explore and uncover who we came here to be and who we authentically are. Co-exploring our souls’ journeys is my FAVORITE thing about studying astrology in a group. (With your individual consent, we will all be looking at your charts with one another and practice making meaning of the components we are studying.)

I will spend time each class offering my knowledge and understanding of the different components of the dynamic natal chart, including an introduction to the Planets, Signs, Aspects, Houses, and Transits and how to weave these together for greater depth and breadth of understanding and integration. Though all these components are important to the weaving of the whole chart, mostly we will be engaging with the planets, their archetypes, and the dynamic relationships they have with each other. REGISTER HERE!!




  • You are desiring to begin or continue exploring your natal chart and learn to read your chart with more connection, breadth, depth and agency?
  • You are you longing to feel more connected to your unique Soul’s journey?
  • You are wanting to study Astrology in an intimate, supportive group environment?
  • You want to bring the planets down into YOUR body, your breath, your being.
  • You want to be learning with an engaged, intimate group of folks ready to deepen into Soul exploration through the lens of Astrology.


  • a basic, yet thorough introduction to archetypal astrology and how to read your own chart
  • an in-depth invitation into the planetary archetypes and how these energies dance within you every day
  • a well-rounded understanding of the different components of the natal chart (i.e. planets, signs, houses, aspects) and how these components work together to create a dynamic and ever-changing story that is your life
  • an understanding of how to use astrology in a way that honors our unique design while creating empowerment for your unique will in how you tell the story of your own life

We will meet every Thursday evening from 5:30-7pm PST/PDT for 7 weeks

beginning February 11, 2021




*please contact Verana if you would like to request a payment plan option