I live streamed this 12-minute video on the current Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on my Instagram at trust.psyche.

I have a renewed reverence for astrology. Most of which is being brought to light by both witnessing and understanding what our ancestors have done to bring into our world, and through my sky-watching practices and rituals. All of this is happening because I get the great privilege and fortune of studying with Travis DiRuzza in his course, The Astronomy and Cultural History of Astrology.

You can take this incredible course right here through Trust Psyche School of Astrology.

A live presentation on Saturday, February 19th, by Evolutionary and Archetypal Astrologer, Christina Hardy.

For the next 18 months, we will be undertaking Pluto’s journey into the underworld and the death-rebirth processes of our personal and collective psyches as the Moon’s nodal axis transits through the archetypes of Taurus & Scorpio from December 22, 2021 to July 12, 2023.

The South Node in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, tells us that our collective and personal past karma is surfacing to be addressed. Do we have the courage to face our vulnerabilities, wounds and fears with fierce integrity? If we choose not do, we die only to be reborn in another time and place to be given another opportunity to face the dark shadows of our own psyches.

If we choose to face them, we naturally shift to the North Node of Taurus, ruled by Venus, where a deeper security is then created that aligns with the natural cycles of the earth and we are embraced by the earth’s healing forces for regeneration and renewal.

In this presentation, I will introduce evolutionary astrology’s philosophy of Pluto and the nodal axis as it describes our karmic past and evolutionary trajectory. I will also will look at the potential collective impact of this nodal transit that is occurring simultaneously with the United State’s Pluto Return. During the second hour, I will use a volunteer’s chart to showcase how you can work with the transiting nodal axis for your own healing.

Please join me live on:
Saturday, February 19, 2022 from 11am–1pm ET

If you want to attend live:

When: Saturday, February 19th
Time: 11 am – 1 pm EDT
To register and pay:

Upon payment, a link will be sent within 24hrs.

I’d love for you to join us. Questions are always welcome.

This presentation is provided by the Baltimore Astrological Society, an NCGR* chapter. The cost is $10 members/$15 nonmembers.

*The National Council for Geocosmic Research (N.C.G.R) is a non-profit educational organization formed to promote and raise the standards of education and research in astrology.

Love, Christina

I really love this episode, where Travis interviews me. I hope you enjoy our hour long conversation. We go to some special places together.

In episode 30, Jessica DiRuzza shares her experience and understanding of integrating astrology into her depth psychotherapy practice. She holds astrology as both a therapeutic tool and encompassing spiritual worldview that stimulates creativity, connection, and purpose in both client and therapist.

In this 30-minute episode, I discuss the current Saturn-Uranus alignment, first with regard to the upcoming Trust Psyche course on the History (Saturn) of Astrology (Uranus), and then in light of Mercury retrograde and several eclipses activating SA-UR in 2022. I consider how to best use this energy throughout the year, and specifically with the current 3-week Mercury Rx.

Happy New Year!
We are so excited to be here with you in 2022. We have a wonderful group of people for our upcoming astrology course, both live and recorded, and we would love for you to join us! Early bird ends in one week, on Wednesday, January 19th. Our class meets on Sundays from 1-4PM ET for 10 weeks, from February 6th through April 10th. You can find all the details right here.

In this course, we will trace the human relationship with the starry sky from its earliest origins in the recognition of solar and lunar cycles and their relationship to light, heat, and tides, through the sacred geometric stone circles of megalithic culture, to the birth of astrology proper with the Mesopotamian zodiac and Egyptian decans. When Alexander the Great unified these two regions with parts of Europe in the west and India in the east, the great cultural synthesis that ensued gave birth to Hellenistic astrology and the four pillars of our practice to this day: planets, aspects, signs, and houses. The Middle Ages saw the cultural center shift from Alexandria to Baghdad, where astrology flourished and evolved in the Islamic Empire before being retransmitted to the West during the Renaissance, dying a second death during the Enlightenment, and being born again through Theosophy and the New Age.

I would be honored to be your guide on this remarkable adventure through time, where we will not only study but imagine and experience what it was like for our ancestors to become conscious of their embeddedness in the universe. For the history of astrology is the story of humanity awakening to its place in the cosmos and thereby navigating its relationship to the divine. That story continues with us today, as part of an unbroken lineage stretching back to the earliest of our species, able to be animated once again, in always deepening communion of above and below.

Getting your bearings for 2022? Book an astrology reading now to see what our next trip around the sun holds for you.

Wishing you a bright and bountiful year ahead,

With all our blessings and love,
Jessica and Travis DiRuzza

ASTRO CHAT occurs when we spontaneously turn on our phone recorder in the middle of what we are experiencing as a stimulating conversation about astrology. We are still discovering what ASTRO CHAT is, but for now, we can say this: It’s us in our life, doing what we love. You will hear background noise from the space we are in, as well as folks who come by and talk to us unaware (we get consent afterward). Everything is unedited and unrehearsed… It’s just us.

On 12.20.21 at 4:39PM we sat down to an early dinner at Flavio’s Italian restaurant where this 11-minute conversation took place.

Hello everyone,
Going through catastrophe and disaster has a way of bringing us to the essence of things. By being humbled and brought to our knees, where we must finally ask for help and turn everything back over, we remember that no one of us can do this alone. I find it fascinating that dis-aster means, to go against the stars, which at their very core are the archetypes. So when there is disaster in our lives, a feeling of something going against divine planning or perfection, the process of truly being with all the complexities involved is the very thing that heals us and carries us back to our divine essence. By healing, I mean bringing loving attention to whatever it is, however big or small, that needs to be seen. We all have places inside of us and outside of us that need attention. Oftentimes, asking for help is the hardest part. This healing journey is a choice, and it is a choice I am making, and that I see so many of you making right now. I have infinite gratitude and reverence for your choice, in choosing to come back home, over and over again.

A big part of our self-care is sharing with you our take on what is happening astrologically. Honestly, it’s how we stay sane. Here is our most recent podcast episode on the upcoming Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which begins with the forty-day Venus retrograde period from December 19th to January 29th, and stays in conjunction through the early spring. As we discuss this powerful alignment, we also demonstrate how we use our planetary awareness to work with the archetypal energies in our lives. I believe astrology is a practice that is meant to come down to Earth and into our relationships—for the quality of our relationships makes up the quality of our lives.

After 14 incredible and growth-filled years of giving professional astrology readings, I am clear in stepping back to focus on my psychotherapy practice for individuals and couples—where I integrate astrology into my work with my clients—and to focus on teaching astrology and depth psychology to my students around the world. I am so grateful to each and every person that gave me the honor to read for them and be a part of their life.

My heart beams with joy to pass on this scared act of giving readings to the person I trust and respect most in this world, Travis DiRuzza, who is now offering archetypal astrology readings from a depth psychological perspective, as well as astrological mentoring. Travis is a truly wonderful and gifted astrologer and human being. He has studied directly with me for the past 8 years. You schedule a reading or mentoring session with him right here.

Travis offers the following types of readings:

  • Individual readings of your natal chart and transits
  • Synastry and composite chart readings for couples or families
  • Readings for newborns and adolescents
  • Solar return readings for birthdays and the year ahead
  • Astro-biography readings to better understand major life events in your past and their bearing upon your future
  • Recorded readings for those who do not wish to meet in real time.

Travis provides a gentle caring presence joined with knowledge from 14 years of astrological study. He was educated at Columbia University and California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) where he received his PhD in philosophy and religion. There he studied archetypal astrology and transpersonal psychology with Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof. He is currently Director of Programs for Trust Psyche School.

Trust Psyche continues to expand our astrology courses online for students of all levels, both for personal and professional use. Last spring, we taught Transit Astrology: The Art of Livingwhich is available right here to take at your own pace and schedule. Our live cohort of 35 students had a blast diving deep into transits together, and we are thrilled to announce a brand new 75-page illuminated course guide, packed with astrological information and insights. This guide is foundational to the practice of Transit Astrology, and is one of the best things we have ever created. 

On February 6th, we begin our next 10-week course, The Astronomy and Cultural History of Astrology. In hearing Travis prepare for this course, my astrological knowledge has grown the most it has since I began studying astrology 14 years ago. We would love for you to join us live, or for the recorded version. You can find all the details right here.

We wish you warmth in your connections and an inspired holiday season.

With all our love and gratitude,
Jessica and Travis DiRuzza

P.S. Our daughter, Luce Sophia, turned one in October! We made it through the first year, hooray!