Aspects Week 4

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Week 4: Squares and Music

Assignment #4 for this week:

  1. SkyWatching: The Sunday of Class 4 we have a Moon-Saturn conjunction in the morning sky (4º)
  2. StarChronicle:
    • Write out the order of trines in your natal chart from tightest to widest. Please use the orb of influence of 8-10º. Include aspects to Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, and Nodes.
    • Writing: What is the meaning of a trine? How do you experience trines in your birth chart and life? What are key words you would use to describe a trine? What are the gifts of trines? What are the challenges of trines? What are the lessons and wisdom gained with trines?
    • Choose one trine in your natal chart (if you do not have a natal trine, choose a current or recent significant personal transit of a trine), and write about how you experience the ease and flow of these two planetary energies in your life. How is the trine either a natural talent or innate quality in your life? How might you take this energy for granted or not fully actualize it? Does this alignment ever show up in a way that does not feel good because it flows too easily? What are the true blessings your soul has available to channel through this alignment? How are you grateful for this pair?
  3. SkyMagicK: Choose one trine in the world transits (in the sky for everyone), and ask to receive the most needed experience for your highest good to receive and be with these planetary energies. After your experience, write in your StarChronicle about your experience. Be as detailed as possible, connecting the dots. How was your experience a reflection of the two planets involved as a trine? How, if at all, did this trine aspect your natal chart? What can you correlate there? What was helpful or healing about your experience? What did you learn? What insights or wisdom did you receive?
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