Aspects Week 3

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Week 3: Trines and Geometry

Assignment #3 for this week:

  1. SkyWatching: Go see the Full Moon on Tuesday! If you’re an early riser with clear skies, Saturn is just emerging from behind the Sun with Mercury nearby this week.
  2. StarChronicle:
    • Write out the order of oppositions in your natal chart from tightest to widest. Please use the orb of influence of 12-15 degrees. Include aspects to Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, and Nodes.
    • What is the meaning of an opposition? How do you experience oppositions in your natal chart and life? What are key words you would use to describe an opposition? What are the gifts of oppositions? What are the challenges of oppositions? What are the lessons and wisdom gained with oppositions?
    • Choose one opposition in your chart (if you do not have one, please choose a current or recent transit of a significant opposition in your personal transits), and write about how this aspect is revealing to you how to come into relationship with these two planetary energies. How may this opposition become one-sided for you or see-saw into extremes in your life? How might this opposition be materializing in your life as projection onto either another person or situation? What would honoring both sides of the polarity look like manifesting in your life, please be specific here. Can you describe the journey from projection of one side of this opposition to what either integration or transcendent third might look like for you?  
    • Optional: Choose one person in your life that has the opposite Sun sign of you. For example if you are an Aries then choose a Libra or if you are a Scorpio choose a Taurus. In what ways are you two opposites or different from one another? In what ways are you similar deep down? What is it that you can learn or incorporate from them into your life? What can they learn or incorporate from you into their life?
  3. SkyMagicK: Choose one opposition in the world transits (in the sky for everyone), and ask to receive the most needed experience for your highest good to receive and be with these planetary energies. After your experience, write in your StarChronicle about your experience. Be as detailed as possible, connecting the dots. How was your experience a reflection of the two planets involved as an opposition? How, if at all, did this opposition aspect your natal chart? What can you correlate there? What was helpful or healing about your experience? What did you learn? What insights or wisdom did you receive?
Class video:

Week 3 Slide Presentation

Supplemental materials:

Evan found these cool meditative visuals from Felipe Pantone’s upcoming art exhibit “Kosmos.” Here’s another. Check it out!

Cat’s astrophotographer friend is taking these amazing shots from his backyard in Arizona!

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