Aspects Week 2

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Week 2: Oppositions and History

Assignment #2 for this week:

  1. SkyWatching: Go see the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the evening sky!
  2. StarChronicle:
    • List each conjunction in your natal chart, in order, from tightest to widest orb. Please use the orb of influence of 12-15 degrees. Include aspects to Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, and Nodes, and the four angles of the chart: ASC, MC, DSC, IC.
    • What is the meaning of a conjunction to you? How do you experience conjunctions in your natal chart and life? What are key words you would use to describe a conjunction? What are the gifts in conjunctions? What are the challenges in conjunctions? What are the lessons and wisdom gained from conjunctions?
    • Choose one conjunction in your natal chart, and write about the unity, blending, and communion of these two planets. How do you experience this New Moon position in your life, how does it show up? How does this alignment represent the beginning of a cycle for your soul, as well as the ending of a past one? How might this conjunction be a blind spot for you in your life?
  3. SkyMagicK: Choose one conjunction in the world transits (in the sky for everyone), and ask to receive the most needed experience for your highest good from these planetary energies. Afterward, write in your StarChronicle about your experience. Be as detailed as possible—connect the dots. How was your experience a reflection of the two planets involved as a conjunction? How, if at all, did this conjunction aspect your natal chart? What can you correlate there? What was helpful or healing about your experience? Was anything challenging? What did you learn? What insights or wisdom did you receive?
Class video:

Week 2 Slide Presentation

Supplemental materials:

Here is The Astrology Podcast episode on the Origins of the Exaltations, which I mentioned in class. It’s a bit dry and academic like a lot of Chris Brennan’s stuff, but it is a genuine new discovery in the history of astrology.

Here is a diagram of Solar & Lunar Rulerships, a concept I mentioned in response to Luke’s question about the symmetry of the rulership scheme in light of the outer planets. The idea is that you can maintain the symmetry of the system and incorporate the outers by positing a solar and lunar ruler of each sign, for example Neptune is the solar ruler of Pisces and Jupiter is the lunar ruler.

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