Aspects Week 1

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Week 1: Conjunctions and Numerology

Assignment #1 for this week:

  1. Read the general guidelines for StarChronicle and SkyMagicK
  2. SkyWatching:Go see the Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the evening sky!
  3. StarChronicle:
    • Write out your intention for Aspects in Astrology.
    • What are aspects in astrology to you? How do you work with them or not? When you hear the term, Sacred Geometry, what do you think of? How does Sacred Geometry apply to astrology?
  4. SkyMagicK: Create your first ritual for Aspects. Choose one time to practice either the most simple version or the more detailed version of this ceremonial space before class begins. In this ritual, both set your intention, and offer something to the heavens that feels sacred to you. This can be anything you can imagine. An offering is a great way to begin portal opening at the start of our journey together.  The offering can be in the form of words, movement, physical objects, sound of any kind, imagery, or stillness. Think of the offering as a gift for all the gifts that are about to come our way.
  5. On the class Discussion Board share any or all of the following: your name, where you’re from, something about yourself, what drew you to this class, and/or your intention for our time together
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