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  1. Hi Everybody, I’m Bill from Arcata CA on the north coast about an hour and a half drive from the Oregon border. Something about myself: 8/6/50, 10:38 am, New London CT. I was drawn to the course out of a desire to sharpen my archetypal eye which is my intention for our time together. It feels great to be with you all.

    1. Hi Bill! Thanks for kicking us off here, and great to see you back with us again. I spent a lot of my youth in Springfield, MA, not far from New London, before eventually making my way to SF for a later chapter, so we share the bicoastal penchant.

  2. Hi guys, Luke here from Manchester (UK). 7/4/88, 11.40pm, Manchester UK. I’ve been meaning to invest further into astrology for a while and with that this class will be my first formal step into astrology. I’m looking forward to exploring the content together!

    1. Hi Luke! Welcome to Trust Psyche and congratulations on beginning your formal astrological journey. We are honored to be part of the first step on that journey. It makes me think of this Voltaire quote: “The first step which we make in this world is the one on which depends the rest of our days.” Not to put any pressure on myself! Great to have you with us.

  3. Hi everyone! My name is Ellie and I am currently based in Portland, OR. I teach yoga full-time and would love to add astrology to my professional offerings in the future <3 I was drawn to this course to deepen my understanding and integration of the various aspects; I recently have started doing practice natal chart readings for friends and family and I feel this is really where the birth chart comes alive and becomes nuanced in infinite ways. I am so excited to learn from Jessica and Travis as well as from one another!

    1. Hi Ellie! Welcome to Trust Psyche, we are so glad to have you along on this adventure in Aspects. The chart certainly does come alive when we consider the aspects–the relationships between the living deities of our psyche. Very cool to learn about your yoga background and desire to integrate astrology. Erin Aylmer, another student, works in this direction. You may enjoy checking out her website:

      1. Thank you so much for sharing!! I just checked her website out and she looks like an incredible practitioner!!

  4. Hello sweet souls, my name is Ruby! I’m a practicing tarot reader, sound healer, yoga teacher, baby astrologer, and single momma residing in Longmont, Colorado. I studied astrology casually for years, but went ALL IN after taking Jessica’s intro course and have not looked back since! Her immense wisdom has benefited my life in such indescribable ways, and become such a potent tool for growth and recovery. I started reading at a paid level this past year, and I’m passionate about using the natal chart to assist others in attuning to their soul’s innate wisdom and purpose. My intention for this course is to deepen my relationship with the cosmos. I’m interested in how looking at aspects through the lens of harmonics will provide a bridge between my work as a sound healer and astrologer. Really looking forward to sharing space with y’all, and so excited for the impartation of wisdom from Jessica and Travis!

    1. Hello Ruby! I love all the modalities you are bringing to the table, so many cool connections to make between these disciplines and astrology. You will especially like Week 4 when we connect the aspects to musical intervals and the harmonic series. In Week 5 we will touch on how similar structures undergird the solar system itself. Did you know that the length of Pluto and Neptune’s orbits are in a 3:2 relationship, the same ratio that defines the musical interval of a 5th. It’s as if the outermost planets are playing a big fat C and G at the bottom of the piano, laying down the bass for the other planetary singers to harmonize over.

      1. OMG I know I’m such a shameless modality collector — might be something do with my 9th house SN, 3rd house NN situation XD
        So looking forward to diving into the musicality of the cosmos!

  5. Hi! I’m Tamara,
    I work as an art, play and music therapist. I find it fascinating when several people come through the office in a week/weeks time with similar types of dilemma and may even be feeling that same energy myself. It is during those times I wonder (to myself) what sort of planetary alignments are we dealing with? These thoughts began to come together for me while reading Dane Rudhyar’s Astrological Mandala (also found out he’s a musician), and Rick Tarnas’ Cosmos & Psyche. I’d like to be able to pair archetypal astrology with art and music in the therapeutic setting as a way of healing.

    1. Hello Tamara! There certainly are moments where it feels like there is something in the air–way up high in the air I guess! Again, very exciting to think about these multi-modal intersections of art, music, and astrology. We will briefly touch on how frequency connects colors, musical notes, and planetary orbits. By doubling frequencies over and over through the magic of the octave we can correlate the period of a planet’s orbit with a specific musical note and a color. For example Venus plays A (440hz) and yellow-orange.

      1. I love hearing that the planets have certain frequencies (and colors). My dissertation was on music and healing, and how music is able to unlock certain emotions. the thought that sound frequencies can be tied to planets really fascinates!

  6. Hello everyone my name is Contessa and live in Baltimore Maryland. I love to paint and make art that incorporates many things such as astrology, journey work, mythology and psychology. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to study with Jessica and Travis in the past. I was drawn to this class because I always learn so much from their masterful and inspired teachings. My intention for taking this class is to expand my understanding of the aspects in order to make them more alive in my life, imagination and practice.

    1. Hello Contessa! I am so in love with your artwork and extremely excited about your forthcoming oracle deck based on the 45 Planetary Pairs! Jessica and I are so happy to have you in the classroom again.

      1. Thanks Travis! So looking forward to the class and for what you and Jessica have prepared for us! I also look forward to being in class with all the amazing students who constellate around the two of you and the Trust Psyche school. See you soon!

  7. Hello, my name is Amalie Weil and I’m an astrologer currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana. My intention for this course is primarily in integration and fine tuning of my astrological wisdom so that I may cultivate a more creative and unique approach to my astrological interpretations. I am also hoping to deepen more into an experiential, ritualistic approach to astrology to counterbalance my already established scholarship approach.

    1. Hi Amalie! I really appreciate your intention to honor and balance these two sides of yourself: the spontaneous intuition of ritual and experience, alongside the rigorous scholarship of your penetrating mind. What a force we become when all the gods and goddesses have a seat at the table of our soul.

  8. Hi everyone. My name is Dawn Grace Renshaw. I live in Colombia South America. This will be my 4th class with TrustPsyche–every one of them has been deeply inspiring. My intention for this class is to become more fluent in my assessment and explanations of aspects. Also to diver more deeply into understanding the influence of the aspects in my own chart. So excited for class to start!!!

    1. Reverend Dawn! Your presence is always a grace. Jessica has some fabulous assignments planned for analyzing our own aspects. I am so excited to get both to teach and to learn alongside each of you. Jessica and I will be doing all the exercises and assignments with you all. Can’t wait!

  9. Hey all, Julie from Baltimore here. I’m a retired graphic designer who spends much of my time delving into Astrology and Tarot…really anything metaphysical in nature. I looked up synonyms for “woo woo,” as that is how I jokingly refer to my passions with friends, and the list included: crazy, lunatic, nuttiness, and quackery along with metaphysical, mystical, unorthodox beliefs, and magical. My Taurus Sun grounds this tree nut’s Pisces Moon ocean and Scorpio Rising magical spirit.

    Fortunate to be a part of the Transit Course (recommended by my friend Tessa), I was inspired in so many ways, but is was the deep-dive look at my Uranus’ transits (and upcoming Square) where I discovered the theme of “home” threaded through Uranus’ meet up in the sky that connected Me to the Cosmos. I am excited to further my understanding of Aspects and how to “connect the dots” in a chart. I know that Jessica and Travis’ approach to teaching will inspire me, help gel what I know, and expand my knowledge in meaningful ways.

    1. Great to have you again Julie, you little woo woo angel! And thank you for the movie recommendation. Jessica had even considered assigning movies each week to help capture the content, but I guess the cosmos (and you) did it for us!

  10. Hi All! I am Lindsay and I live on the Big Island of Hawai’i – classes are early for me so I will likely take this class asynchronously. 10/5/85 4:27 AM Annapolis MD. I am a licensed social worker and am working on integrating astrology into my practice. I look forward to learning from all of you.

    1. Hello Lindsay! So happy to have you here with us. I’m a big fan of the Big Island, had some wonderful experiences there. I remember saying to myself after my first few days, “everyone wonders where Nature has gone–gosh, it’s alive and well and living on the Big Island!”

  11. Hey everyone, it’s so good to be here! I’m Evan (they/them) and this is my first live class with Trust Psyche. I completed IAA + DYAP (now called The Meaning of the Planets) which prompted such a significant journey for me to commit to that study and embodiment of the teachings. I’m really looking forward to being in class with others this time around and am mainly interested in letting myself be surprised by what wants to come through.
    I live in NC and am a filmmaker and artist of all sorts. I very recently started to offer astrological readings which has been a really wonderful experience so far. It also feels important to include that stones and rocks some of my greatest teachers, which I think is partly connected to being a very fixed sign person with most of the energy of my chart being held within the Taurus/Scorpio axis (it has certainly been a wild few years lol).
    See you in class!

    1. Hello Evan! Wonderful to have you along for a live journey this time around. Get ready for a few more wild years (decades) as Pluto enters Aquarius and T-squares that axis. Sounds like you signed up for transformation in this lifetime, and it sounds like you’re rock-ing it! (in addition to etymology, I’m also a fan of bad puns. I feel more like a dad everyday…)

  12. Hi y’all! I’m Ann & I live in Los Angeles. 7/31/73, 8:27am, Santa Clara, CA. I’m a massage therapist, as well as fascinated by body-based expressive arts therapy. I have been cracking astrology books and anything considered esoteric for many decades. I read charts for friends and family and on occasion, casually for my clients. I desire to fine tune my knowledge of aspects especially with an expansive sacred geometry take on it all. I feel like there is always so much more to learn! My ever-inquistive Saturn in Gemini. I’m excited to finally take a course from this talented and spirit-filled team.

    1. Hi Ann! It sounded like that ever-inquisitive Saturn in Gemini was momentarily satiated by the end of our first class? I’m sure she will be thirsty for more by next week (btw, Dorotheus of Sidon, one of our primary sources in Hellenistic astrology, classes Saturn as feminine, a fresh take I’ve always loved, and an angle that Jessica explores in here “Revisioning Saturn” article). Excited to have your embodied wisdom in the classroom!

  13. Hello Wondrous Ones!

    My name is Verana and I am so delighted to be here with you all! I live in a little cottage on the edge of Wildcat Canyon on Chochenyo/Ohlone land in what is now called Richmond, CA. I am a practicing archetypal astrologer, full spectrum doula, and childbirth educator, walking beside my clients on their journeys of life and giving birth to life. My own life and my body of work have been deeply shaped and inspired by Jessica, Travis, and the Trust Psyche school and I am so grateful to be here.

    My intention for this course is to understand and anchor a deeper layer of the aspects into my body, so that I may walk in a more aligned, honest, and PLAYFUL way, integrating the practical, mathematical, and magical. I am so excited!

    1. Verana! So awesome to be walking the path alongside you again. Let’s get down with some practical, mathematical, and magical play! There’s an old 1938 Dutch book that’s made a resurgence recently called Homo Ludens, the second word being Latin for play (“the playful human”). It argues that rather than mind and knowledge being the defining element of human culture (as implied by Homo Sapiens, “the wise human”), it is play, and everything that is learned there, that is at our core. Here, here!

  14. Hi all!
    My name is Faith (she/they), I am an animist spiritual healer & teacher and astrologer currently living in Madison, WI on Ho-chunk land, originally from Lenape territory in NY. I am also a multidisciplinary creative. My background is in depth psychology and somatics. I’m a Venus ruled Pluto person.
    I am taking this class because I want the rigorous math to support/deepen my spiritual/magical relationship with the planets, because I just love TrustPsyche classes, and because I really want to know what Travis and Jessica think about inconjuncts. My intention is to listen, learn, trust my process, and connect every more deeply with the celestial allies through spatial relationality.

    1. Hello Faith! I am very happy to hear someone, of their own accord, say they want rigorous math! I will try to walk the line and make all our forays into number both accessible and illuminating. If you like what we cover here, you might enjoy the Astronomy and Cultural History of Astrology course, where we take frequent diversions into math and geometry, looking at sacred megalithic sites like Stonehenge, Carnac, and the Pyramids, as well as planetary mathmagic like Venus, Fibonnacci, and the Golden Mean. I will have some things to say about the inconjunct–I look forward to hearing what you think too!

  15. Hello everyone. My name is Claudia Sipes. 1/26/53 0728 Sacramento, California. I live in beautiful Juneau, Alaska, gratefully sharing Tlingit a`ani.
    I’ve been retired from a 35 year nursing career for an entire Jupiter cycle, joyful in complete freedom to explore, play and study. I am delighted to join this live Trust Psyche course, now my third. Wonderful to see so many familiar names. Travis and Jessica have offered incredible insights tangibly translated in to a practical spiritual framework. My intention for taking this class is to further understand aspects. My comprehension of sacred geometry is unclear, but it’s thrilling to think the planets sing! Through participation with this entire group, assimilating the presentations to come, I hope to keep spiraling up, better understanding the many connections of astrology to cycles through time, connections to Earth, Sky, ourselves and each other.

    1. Hi Claudia! So sweet to have you here with us again. I don’t think I got to see you during our first session, but I so love looking up in class and seeing your smiling, dancing face, such a vibrant expression of your Sun rising and Venus-Mars conjunction. We will dance and sing together with the planets!

      1. Thank you for those kind words. I was there Sunday enthusiastically after my usual tech fumbles. Wow! You both blew me away and all your words hit home on a very deep level. Astrology meets depth psychology! So much soul food with such a rich variety of ingredients and recipes.

  16. Hello everybody 🙂 My name is Jelena (Yel – e – nah) and I am an astrology lover and feel super lucky to be a part of this journey with you all! I am also a registered dietitian and just recently moved from Chicago area to Northern California (Sonoma county). This is my third class taking with Trust Psyche and can’t wait for more! However, first things first, my intention for this class is to ground and connect with the community and thoroughly understand the meaning and the intention of the aspects so I can apply them practically in everyday living for myself and others and most importantly to have FUN 🙂
    Sacred geometry for me = tree of life, DNA, relationship between two or more points, mathematics, fractals, mercaba…

    1. Hello Jelena! Wonderful to have you with us again 🙂 Congratulations on your move to Cali, and let’s definitely keep it FUN! You’re certainly tuned in to the Sacred Geo vibe, let’s make that frequency hum!!!

  17. Hii Everyone,

    I absolutely adore Jessica and Travis magic they co-create. They both are a well of wisdom and knowledge. I’m happy to join my 3rd class with trust psyche. One was online pre recorded and one was live. So grateful to learn from the experts it this arena.

    I am an Attuned Real Estate Broker. I’m passionate about spotlighting the humanity and transformation process of becoming a homeowner In all dimensions. I love the transpersonal dimensions of relationships, clients, friends , intimate partners alike.

    Astrology, gene keys, and Krishna Consciousness are the energy channels I remember to help guide me on my personal life path.

    My intention is to gain a deeper connection to the textures of our humanity through this practice of sacred geometry. And so it is 🙏

    1. It is so! Thank you, Sandra. As I said in class, I love the way you’ve languaged your work and passion here. It feels very inspiring to me to wake up to the transpersonal dimension of all areas of life, to bring our care, attention, and spirit to each and every moment.

  18. Hi, my name is Mike. I’ve gotten to learn with Jessica and Travis a few times over the years, and always enjoy it. I’m a therapist and bring astrology in occasionally…I think I’m wanting more confidence and grounding in my interpretations. I love reviewing fundamentals in new ways, and am totally interested in being exposed to the music of the spheres.

    1. Hey Mike! Great to have you again. Always appreciate your sharp eye and rigorous mind. May the spheres sing us their song!

  19. Hi Everyone! I’m Danna and I live in Maine. I teach and guide a process called Enchanted Realism, which is about animating our creative self and our astrology through the flow of a combined art and astrology practice.

    I am inspired and catalyzed by everything Jessica and Travis teach! My intention here is to deepen my participation with the aspects and sacred geometry and to see how I can visualize and create with this more in my life and work.

    1. Danna! So amazing to have you live with us. I am in love with your artwork and just love seeing your Cosmic Muse everyday in our living room. You are doing fabulous embodied work and I’m thrilled to be learning together this lifetime.

  20. Hey!
    This time around I am called Cynthia Lira and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am a psychologist and a Junguian analyst and I find astrology to be a very useful map for the varieties of territories we live in. I am taking this course because listening to Jessica and Travis has often opened new vistas for me! I particularly appreciate the guidance and nudges in the direction of the skywatching! This inclusion of our non-rational dimensions in the learning process is an important exercise for me! Thank you!

    1. Hey Cynthia! Thank you for the SkyWatching shout out, let’s get back to our roots under the heavens! And thank you for mentioning the Marie-Louise von Franz book, “Number and Time,” a great Jungian study of the first four numerals. Always enlivening to have your fierce energy in the room. You and Faith might exchange some wisdom about the quincunx–which I know you’re keen on!

  21. Hi everyone,

    Good to see things going, and nice to see again the familiar faces 🙂

    My name is Catalin, but you can call me Cat – like the facebook animal 😺

    I’ll be 50 yo soon, in May (hi Cynthia).

    My goal is to create for people tools that obtain, retain and maintain contact with the fundamental components of reality.

    I’m trying to be a good custodian for cosmic intelligence.



    1. Happy Chiron return my friend! I love the ground you’re breaking with your platform–we could use a few more good custodians of cosmic intelligence. Meow!

    2. Welcome back, Cat!

      Your Chiron return is already happening (allowing for a 10-degree orb for the return).

      I’m curious about what you mean by “fundamental components of reality?”



      1. Hey Bill,

        Glad to see you around here 🙂

        And thank you for the question as well. When I say fundamental components I mean the components of Super Reality: Energy, Awareness, Time and Space.

        I made a course explaining all that, with kind permission from our hosts here I will share you the link.

        Also with their permission, to celebrate (commemorate?) my Chiron return, everyone’s invited to take this course for free 😎

        Coupon code: INFINITY2023

        Knowledge to people! ❤️‍🔥🌬️✨

  22. Hello All, My name is Kim and I live in the mountains of western NC outside of Asheville.(Miaimi, FL 9/24/66 4:30am). I am known for my connection skills within our community and am also a yogi, reiki practitioner, lover of the outdoors, and a dancer who loves live music. My professional role is that I am one of the founding members of our nonprofit, The Pearl Psychedelic Institute and am their marketing and community outreach director. I have always been drawn to astrology and tarot but have recently been feeling the need to dive into the deeper waters. I have been especially drawn to the ways in which astrology and yoga can be a merged practice. I also had a very profound birth – death – birth experience this past fall and felt the calling to learn more about my own ancestry and astrological journey. The last class already has already given me the feeling that all of this is right on time. This is my first official class so I am a newbie but I am planning on taking Jessica’s inro class next. Thank you all .

    1. Hi Kim! So happy to have you here with us and so excited for everything you are bringing to the community. If this were an in-person class it would definitely end with a dance party with live music. We actually did have a Zoom dance party in the Transits class with special guest Luce, our daughter. When Jess and I start to lose our sanity as parents with a 2 year old, we go dance to live music! So happy class is landing for you and very excited for what we will get to explore together these coming weeks.

  23. Hello Students! I really enjoyed our first class together, and I am looking forward to this Sunday!

    I want to share a slice of my SkymagicK with you here. I invite you to share your SkymagicK experiences here as well :).

    Travis and I have gone out each night to see the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the evening sky in the sign of Aries. It is a triple conjunction along with Chiron. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurs once per year, however, we do not always get to see them visible like we are now (go out and see them!). The triple conjunction with Chiron is much more rare. This alignment occurs approximately every twelve years.

    What I have noticed about this Venus-Jupiter conjunction is the magnificence (Jupiter) of the Beauty (Venus) of these two planets. The two planets are incredibly bright and visible, which is the nature of a conjunction. The conjunction, and this alignment in particular, carries a truly communal experience. For example, in this class alone, these two planets are bringing us together as we take photos of them and share them on the gallery board. Another example I see, when I go to the beach or to our local village to watch them around and after sunset, there are so many other people doing the same thing! Everyone seems to be looking up! I am usually the person sharing with everyone around me that those are planets and which ones they are. Right now, what I am seeing, is more and more people know the names of these planets. As a matter of fact, the conjunction made it onto CNN this morning (talk about BIG visibility (the meaning of a conjunction)!

    Venus is about our social relations and about the Beauty around us. Jupiter expands and magnifies whatever it touches. So, this conjunction is bringing us all together to celebrate this aspect and Aspects in general through the timing of this course. This is the power of a conjunction. I find the Venus-Jupiter (with Chiron) conjunction to be a very fitting alignment for us to get to learn more about what conjunctions are in astrology.

    It warms me to know that my fellow humans are looking up more, being curious and in awe, and talking about the sky. It helps me not feel alone.

    Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing your experiences of Skywatching and SkymagicK!

  24. Thanks, Jessica, for breaking the ice. I figured that you were out making magick last night, too, but I wouldn’t have known you were also blessed with clear skies unless you told us. It was indeed dazzling to see Jupiter and Venus sitting side by side like two peas in a pod. What follows is an excerpt from my SkymagicK experience…

    StarChronicles Log. Big Love, the Jupiter/Venus (and Chiron) conjunction. Location: Earth/Milky Way. Stardate: March 1, 2023 C.E. ER (Earth Reckoning).

    Communing with the two brightest lights in the night sky (after the Moon), I imagined a relay race where Jupiter reached out his right hand and passed the baton in to Venus’ left as she was about to scoot by. I asked myself: What is the nature of that baton, that seed that Jupiter would plant in Venus’ being, a seed that every slower moving Planet deposits in the faster moving Planet at a conjunction?

    A clue is present in the degree of the zodiac where the meeting takes place. About a hundred years ago, astrologer Marc Edmund Jones collaborated with clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler to create the Sabian Symbols. She went in to a reverie, accessed the collective unconscious/Akashic records and churned up symbolic images for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. And there are other sets of symbols besides the Sabians, including the Chandra Symbols which were generated by astrologer John Sandbach in the 1970s.

    The Jupiter/Venus conjunction is occurring in the thirteenth degree of Aries, the Chandra Symbol for which is: The wind blows white sheets hung on a line to dry. I understand this to be a symbol of the seed Jupiter is planting in Venus, which she will carry and watch sprout, grow and mature during her almost 15-month cycle until her next conjunction with Jupiter. As I sat in the presence of Jupiter and Venus sitting side by side, I contemplated the image of wind blowing sheets on a clothesline and this is what bubbled up: The grace of God/my guiding spirit/inner guru/Buddha nature/Christ within/core essence, you name it, is like an ever-flowing breeze. I have only to raise my sails/sheets in order to catch it.

    And how shall I raise them? By doing things like attending to: my body with good diet, fresh air, exercise, and plenty of sleep; my mental/emotional nature through intimate relationships and tightly knit community; and my soul’s flowering through activities like meditation, chant, breath awareness, and divination practices like astrology, Tarot and I Ching.

    Jupiter/Venus is Big Love, Big Beauty, Big Harmony, and Big Artistry but like with all planetary combinations there are shadow sides and one of the notables for Jupiter/Venus is the inclination (and I’ve learned this one the hard way) when people access their inner gold, for their egos to stake a claim on it, “all mine,” instead of being in relationship with the giver of the gift and bowing in awe and humility before this gracious bestower who is offering something that is so much deeper and richer than anything the ego can muster.

    And now, to celebrate this sacred communion…

    “The Sun will shine in my back door some day
    March winds will blow all my troubles away.”

    From “I Know You Rider” a song that was first published in “American Ballads & Folk Songs” by John and Alan Lomax in 1934, and which became a staple in the repertoire of my favorite dance band…

    1. Wow Bill, as a JuVe myself your insights have reached me in ways beyond your words..

      I knew about Sabian but not about Chandrian symbols. Do I find this fitting? Check the emoticons left for you at the end of my reply (sent before I could read any of this).

      Here’s to love and hoping for the best.


    1. I was just watching a class on Twins yesterday, as I have twin nieces and so does my husband. We each have one with the name Margaret! Oh, the synchronicities.
      It was mentioned that when twins are born close together, by minutes, a look at the Sabian Symbol, among other techniques is one way to See them.
      Loved your writing and the visual 13º Aries.

      1. Thanks, Julie. It would be interesting to look at a personal transit of a pair of twins, say, the Uranus square Uranus rite of passage around the age of 21, and to notice how, even though the unique responses to the transit would be infinitely variable, the specific behaviors that play out would nevertheless be consistent with the Uranus archetype.

  25. came across this quote after our oppositions class and it spoke so clearly to the power of difference with the opposition and how we get to work with that energy in such a significant way by holding and honoring both ❤️

    “It is the differences that seem crucial. Without difference there is no conversation. There is no need for the tender questions that catalyzes storytelling and generate landscapes. The gradient of the mountain allows the snowmelt and rain to braid into a stream that interrogatively carves and curves down through stone into the valley. The difference between the summit and the valley creates this nourishing thread of water that will irrigate the fields, fill the rock pools, wake up leathery lichen on the side of a stone thrown awkwardly in a field, millions of years before, by a glacier. The curiosity of a hyphae probing into unfamiliar soil and dead wood is what will make the soil that supports a forest. Audre Lorde writes in her essay “The Master’s Tools, ‘Within the interdependence of mutual (nondominant) differences lies that security which enables us to descend into the chaos of knowledge and return with true visions of our future, along with the concomitant power to effect those changes which can bring that future into being. Difference is that raw and powerful connection from which our personal power is forged.’”
    -Sophie Strand

    1. YES, Evan, absolutely love this! Nailed it. Thank you. You have inspired me to share a couple of opposition ideas/quotes I saw this week as well. It was the only thing I could see all week. Oppositions took over my consciousness.

  26. In light of what Evan shared above, which is incredibly spot on and powerful, I would like to share one opposition quote here. I encourage everyone to be on the look-out each week for aspect quotes and to share them here.

    “The real shift comes when you move from blame and attack to understanding accountability. If you want to change the other, change yourself. Because once you do something systematically different, sooner or later, the other person has to adapt. They can’t continue to do their thing. And the whole dance changes.” -Esther Perel

    This idea relates to owning the projection that comes with the opposition aspect.

    1. Here is another quote that came to my attention this morning:

      The conscious mind is on top, the shadow underneath, and just as high always longs for low and hot for cold, so all consciousness, perhaps without being aware of it, seeks it’s unconscious opposite, lacking which it is doomed to stagnation congestion, and ossification. Life is born only of the spark of opposites. Carl Jung

      1. Thank you Barbara, Jessica and Evan.

        The feeling of being lonely and very temporary visitors in the Universe is in flat contradiction to what we have learned in the sciences, which is that every person is an expression of the whole realm of Nature, a unique action of the totality. This fact is rarely, if ever, experienced by most persons. Even those who know it to be true in theory do not sense or feel it but continue to think of themselves as isolated pockets of consciousness inside bags of skin.

        A result of this illusion is an attitude to the world “outside” that’s hostile for the most part. We are forever “conquering” Nature, space, mountains, deserts, bacteria and insects instead of learning to cooperate with them in a harmonious order. In America a great symbol of this conquest is the bulldozer, a machine that batters hills into flat tracts for little boxes made of ticky-tacky.

        The hostile attitude of conquering Nature ignores the basic interdependence of all things and events, that the world beyond the skin is actually an extension of our own bodies. Unless things change, this attitude will end in the destruction of the environment upon which our whole lives depend. We need a new experience and a new feeling of what it means to be “I”. The most strongly enforced taboo is the taboo against knowing who or what you really are behind the mask of your apparently separate, independent and alienated ego. ~ Alan Watts

      2. Thank you, Barbara, for bringing in Jung here with opposites. I feel Jung was really able to grasp this tension between the opposites and bring it to light in a way that resonates for me.

    1. This song was fun to listen to, Bill. Made me chuckle quite a bit. I appreciate AW’s awareness and articulation of needing to come into a renewed state of “Iness”.

  27. Hi guys, my niece’s friend needs astrologers to answer a survey for her degree. I think the final day is today or tomorrow. Just scroll straight to the bottom to click next and get into it if you don’t want to read all the text is about safety and use of the info. It took me 10 minutes or less to complete. And just a heads up, there will be some questions that aren’t very helpful i.e. ‘does a person’s zodiac sign influence a persons mood (etc.)’. You’ll have to bare with it, she’s studying psychology not astrology haha

  28. Yesterday and today in the sky was Moon-Pluto conjunction. A familiar one, i think, but not so sure because it is hard to see oneself objectively. So I used this aspect as a mirror to my natal Moon-Pluto conjunction (4th house). But the only problem is that that conjunction was not in my opposition to my natal chart to see it clearly (which would be impossible unless I am 104 years old) BUT forming a square, hence my Moon-Pluto in Libra.
    I just moved, like a week ago…..again for the 3rd time in the last 6 months to my own rent cottage place in Northern Cali. My landlord (Pluto) comes into my home (Moon) to fix the faucet leakage in the kitchen. Him and his wife are friend of a friend and a fellow Aquarian so there is some ease and flow. While fixing the kitchen faucet we got to know one another, like sharing stories being 12 years old and up. Our exchanged stories were deep, raw, honest, meaningful and full of emotion. His voice is deep and loud and he is hyperactive. Energetically I feel closer to him and I also saw couple or more of his weaknesses which I am not so sure that he is aware of them. He was persistent in finding the plumbing problem to solve it. He went 3 times to the store and finished his plumbing work at 7pm. When he was done I praised him however, when I woke up this morning I found a new puddle of water under my sink. He will be back tomorrow to complete his work…

  29. Hey everyone,
    I wanted to offer a piece of clarity I came to in reflecting more on the question I asked at the end of class about aspects from planets to the angles that are not conjunctions.
    Something clicked after class in remembering how Jessica brought up her sun square the nodes being like a bridge. This feels really applicable for the way aspects to the angles are felt and can be seen working through my own chart and I’m curious if other people feel this way if you look at it through this lens?

    A planet making that T-square to the AC/DC or IC/MC is like the mitigating bridge between self and other, inner and outer. When I put it against my own chart I can really understand how without embodying and carrying forward these planets, I cannot bridge that gap. At least not in a way that I feel whole.
    The square aspect, for me at least, definitely holds those same qualities that were brought through in the class when they are in this configuration with angles. I think it could work with the trine and sextile between the angles too, in that they are a softer bridge perhaps or what is always present and available for us to cross with more ease between that inner/outer and self/other space.
    In a way this acknowledgement is a reiteration of how the planets are already working in my chart but for at least one it is giving me a new perspective on how this planet works in my life that has felt like a missing piece in a way and I’m feeling pretty grateful for the connection and affirmation in that experience.

    What do you all think of this?

    1. I missed the boat on intros due to my crippling anxiety about public speaking (which apparently extended to the discussion board lol) so here is a very late intro and a bit of SkymagicK – two posts in one 😊

      My name is Carolyn, this is my 3rd TrustPsyche course. I live in San Francisco, CA and am in the midst of a pretty big transition – I left my job of 14 years in May 2022 and am currently unemployed and trying to figure out my next move.

      I’ve been very actively watching the sky for about the last 3 years thanks to Matthew Stelzner’s videos/reminders of what to look for and when. Sitting with the sunset and watching the planets move across the sky has been one of the most grounding exercises for me, and I am loving the container of SkymagicK to help me put a bit more structure to the skywatching I’m already doing. My favorite spot to be with the sky is from Ocean Beach in San Francisco and I try to get down there a few days a week, even when the sky is obscured by our persistent fog. In addition to skywatching, I just generally love to be outdoors trail running, skiing, hiking, biking, camping, searching for rare wildflowers and more. So stoked to be in class with all of you!!

      Now for some SkymagicK…
      On February 17th, Jupiter in the sky was going to be exactly opposite Jupiter in my natal chart (9 Libra) and I wanted to mark the occasion. I was born with an exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Libra and have been making efforts in the last year to call in more Jupiter because I have felt way more in touch with Saturn (overidentified with it, really) compared to Jupiter. I have spent years suppressing, containing, and trying to remain small and I wanted to find more expansion.

      I could probably write a short novel about this and the other transits involved, but I’ll keep the focus on Jupiter. To mark the moment the opposition became exact, I hopped on my bike and rode the length of the Great Highway (runs North/South along the beach and was closed to cars at the time) headed North with Jupiter in the sky to my left and “my” Jupiter below the horizon to my right. Then reversed it and headed south. As I rode, it was as if I could feel myself suspended between these two Jupiters – the one in the sky and the one from my chart – and in a moment I felt pierced right through, suspended between the two. It was almost a painful jolt! I know Jupiter. I know expansion. I just need to listen, take responsibility, take action, and allow it to come through.

      I stopped and faced west, looking at Jupiter sinking lower in the sky, watching until it set knowing that meant my Jupiter was rising behind me. I hopped back on my bike to head home, knowing “my” Jupiter was rising in the east. Expansion and Contraction – I know these forces and I can use them more skillfully and with greater awareness… the SkymagicK of this moment continues to unfold…

      Last night, this ongoing SkymagicK with Jupiter kinda blew my mind. My friend, Bill (also in this class, hi Bill!), has been keeping me posted with the degree symbol for Jupiter as Jupiter makes its way through Aries.

      On Saturday, Jupiter entered the 17th degree of Aries and the Azoth Symbol is, “An ancient culture is transporting gigantic stones.” Jupiter was still in the 17th degree yesterday when I headed to my spot at the beach. I have been skywatching from this spot a few times a week for the last 3 years and, having grown up here, I have walked this wall countless times. BUT it was just last night that I noticed what was sitting on the ground right in front of me all along – the outline of a chart! There is a concrete circle and around it is another concrete circle marked into 12 sections – a blank chart sitting on the ground right in front of me this whole time! I’ll send in a photo for the photo gallery as it is hard to explain…

      There are a few of these little circular spots on the sea wall, and when you stand in the center circle and sing or speak, there is a resonance/amplification of sound. I knew about that cool feature, but now seeing the chart there felt so powerful. Like a modern stone circle! And with Jupiter in the 17th degree, the symbol felt so resonant with this moment.

      I’m planning to take some stones with me next time to place in the “chart” and plan to speak/sing/play music from the center circle to accompany an aspect laid out with stones. SkymagicK in action!

    2. Love this, Evan! I have been looking at the aspects to my angles since our small group meeting last week and have been kinda struggling with it, but this makes a ton of sense to me and actually gives me some greater insight into as aspect to my MC/IC axis. Thank you!

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