Writings and Podcasts


Re-Visioning Saturn

Published in Archai: Journal of Archetypal Cosmology in summer 2016. This essay incorporates a feminine understanding of the planetary archetype of Saturn, and examines the role of death and dying in an archetypal cosmology.

Through the Portal of Shame: A Path Toward Self-Love for Fatherless Daughters Living in Patriarchy

My Master’s thesis in depth psychology, exploring the relationship between shame and authentic voice, published in March 2014.


This thesis is a heuristic exploration, from a depth psychological perspective, of the relationship between shame and authentic voice for fatherless daughters living in a patriarchal culture. Literature is reviewed related to a definition of shame and understanding its etiology and psychological effects. Through a depth psychological analysis of the author’s personal experience of abandonment by her father, the path toward healing shame is revealed as the capacity to be vulnerable enough to tell one’s whole story in the presence of a loving and compassionate witness. This profoundly courageous act is what leads a fatherless daughter from a place of a silenced voice in the face of shame to a place of empowerment through sharing her authentic voice and moving toward psychological liberation.

Archetypal Astrology Fundamentals Guide (2016)

For all of you who want to learn the basics of archetypal astrology, here is a succinct 10 page guide for the beginning astrology student that I use in my online Archetypal Astrology course. This guide teaches the fundamentals of archetypal astrology in how to calculate the three forms of correspondence—birth charts, world transits, and personal transits.



Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast. Join host Matthew Stelzner and fellow archetypal astrologers and myself for rich conversations on archetypal astrology. We record sessions regularly. Visit Correlations website for full description of each podcast along with supporting materials and relevant astrological charts.

Deeper Than Day: Integrating Depth Psychology and Archetypal Astrology. In this podcast, we hope to illuminate the depths of psyche using the light of the stars. Exploring these mysteries can presence us more and more deeply to the archetypal dimension that exists all around us and within us. By working with the living symbols that astrology allows us to see clearly, we hope to bring into the light of day the matters of the unconscious that are “deeper than day can comprehend.” As Carl Jung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the Shadow conscious.” We believe that the integration of astrology and depth psychology helps us do this deep shadow work on both a personal and a collective level.