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Deepen Your Astrological Practice: A Psychospiritual Journey through the 45 Planetary Combinations

Watch a portion of class on the Moon-Pluto archetypal combination:

We also offer a payment plan in three installments of $296.33. By paying your first installment, you will gain access to the first third of the course. Upon finishing part 1, you will be prompted for your second installment to gain access to part 2, and and then again for part 3:
In Deepen Your Astrological Practice, you will receive:
  • 62 hours of original material (55hr. video + 7hr. audio)
  • 45 hours of teaching with Jessica DiRuzza (video)
  • Full transcripts of Jessica’s teaching (over 750 pages)
  • 45 downloadable PDFs (over 400 pages)
  • 45 artistic accompaniments by Travis DiRuzza: 35 artists have contributed to the creation of original videos combining music, dance, poetry, and image to depict each archetypal combination (3 hours)
  • Supporting Material for every combination, including experiential exercises, guided meditations, and guest appearances from 10 astrologers and practitioners of the healing arts: 5 hours of additional teachings with Jessica; 9 hours of additional teachings with guest speakers; plus 20 external links to articles, podcasts, videos, playlists, and more

  • Permanent access to all classes, PDFs, and additional materials via the course website—a living cookbook to reference at any time
  • Participation in the private Deepen Your Astrological Practice Community Facebook group: Meet likeminded souls and partake in the ongoing conversation as part of our growing trustpsyche community.

Deepen Your Astrological Practice is the most comprehensive course on the archetypal meaning and interpretation of the planets in aspect (the 45 planetary pairs, from the Sun and Moon out to Neptune and Pluto). Fundamental to personal and professional astrological practice, this core course covers all levels of interpretation, including psychological, relational, familial, personal, conceptual, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The focus is on teaching you how to access your own embodied, intuitive knowing of the planets through Jessica’s teaching, as well as art, music, dance, and poetry, plus guided experiential exercises and meditations. We also crucially address the cosmology, metaphysics, philosophy, and ethics that encompass an astrological worldview. This course provides the bedrock of astrological practice, both to enhance one’s own spiritual path, but also as part of a series of vocational trainings for being a successful professional astrologer. If you would like to learn the technical foundations for reading birth charts and transits, please see Initiation to Archetypal Astrology.

Come share sacred space as we invoke the mystery of the planets to deepen our relationship with the divine. To commune with the archetypes is to remember, for they already live and breathe inside of you and you inside of them. They are the alphabet of a love-language from which we are continually spoken into existence—love-letters to us from Source. By listening and responding to the divine invitation, we come into profounder relation with the archetypes, undergoing their initiatory rites and drinking from the wellspring of their wisdom.

The culmination of Jessica’s last decade of work, this course takes us on a transformative journey that integrates didactic learning, artistic expression, and embodied experience. We travel together with over 50 other contributing astrologers, practitioners, and artists whose craft and mastery helps open the multidimensionality of the archetypes. As living sacred symbols that permeate and inform all areas of life, this in-depth exploration of the meaning of each of the 45 combinations is applicable not only to your astrological practice, but to all disciplines, relationships, and experiences. A transpersonal and depth psychological lens illuminates how our engagement with these cosmic energies rejoins the evolution of our souls to that of the anima mundi. For a sample of Jessica’s teaching of the archetypes, please see the videos at the bottom of this page.


Initiation to Archetypal Astrology: Working with the Fundamentals

Watch an excerpt from the Initiation class below:

In Initiation to Archetypal Astrology, you will receive:
  • 26 hours of teaching with Jessica DiRuzza (video)
  • Full transcripts of Jessica’s teaching
  • Course syllabus
  • 250-page PDF of readings, exercises, and course guides
  • Permanent access to all materials to study at your own pace

This course is the entry point into archetypal astrology, teaching you everything you need to be well-versed in its language and practice. If you are looking both to learn how to read birth charts and transits, as well as to understand archetypal cosmology, this course is for you. Here you learn the technical aspects of chart reading—including the workings and meanings of the aspects, planets, signs, and houses—combined with a broader understanding of worldview. By cultivating the ability to discern the planetary archetypes in your own psyche, your relationships, and the larger cosmos around you, this course will help to open what psychologist James Hillman calls your archetypal eye. By the end of the twelve weeks, you will be prepared to take intermediate and even advanced astrology courses.

Whereas Initiation to Archetypal Astrology teaches you the technical nuts and bolts of the discipline, Deepen Your Astrological Practice focuses entirely on the meaning and interpretation of the planets in combination (Sun and Moon out to Neptune and Pluto).


Initiation to Archetypal Astrology + Deepen Your Astrological Practice: 2 Course Bundle

Purchase both courses together and receive 15% off their combined value.

Samples of Jessica teaching the archetypes: