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Inherent in all of us is a capacity to heal our wounds and grow from our experiences. By becoming more aware of our past and how it has shaped the present we are given the opportunity and spaciousness to choose who we become.  As a therapist, I hold a safe and grounded space where what needs to be felt and spoken is expressed to allow healing contact with yourself through awareness that feels honoring, kind, and respectful. Through our relationship, we create a solid foundation for you to share and be heard in a supportive environment what is truly going on for you in all the expressions of your life. Each of our lives is filled with so many different kinds of relationships, and many of us benefit from support on our journey. Having a meaningful relationship with ourselves we feel connected to is a big part of a thriving life.

I view my work as a collaborative endeavor, working together in an engaged way, we co-create the opportunity for healing and transformation. I am the type of therapist that stays in an equally receptive and active role in our relationship. Therapy is a space to look at and change what is no longer serving you. To better know your inner world and gain insight into what motivates you. This means at times it can be challenging, especially as we shed old layers. I am here to meet you where ever you may be. My style is highly intuitive and marked with being attuned to what is occurring in our relationship. I often work with what is here and now. I believe understanding our past and our present helps us better navigate our relationships, creativity, and career. I have deep reverence for the healing journey, and I respect the courage and vulnerability that it takes to ask for help.

If you are curious to learn more about how I work, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation for psychotherapy clients. You can reach me by calling my confidential voicemail directly or email.

Confidential voicemail: 415-310-1454


I work under the supervision of Julian Redwood, License #47939