Astrological Consultations

Wisdom is knowing in depth the great metaphors of meaning – Carl Gustav Jung

Since 2007, I have given astrological consultations from a depth psychological perspective. My work is rooted in Jungian psychology, transpersonal psychology, archetypal psychology, shamanic traditions, and is clinically grounded. I provide a therapeutic and confidential space to individuals and couples seeking deeper psycho-spiritual awareness and growth on their soul’s journey. To find out more about archetypal astrology, please read this introductory essay by Richard Tarnas, explaining the planetary archetypes and the form of astrology I practice.

My guiding intention is to support and empower you as you deepen your intimacy with yourself and the world around you. Together we will explore, through dialogue, the gifts and challenges of the archetypal dynamics present in your life and how to work with them—as reflected in your natal chart, which shows the positions of the planets at the moment you were born. We will also look into the unfolding of these archetypal dynamics through time using transit analysis—that is, where the planets are at any given moment in time relative to their position when you were born. I combine the rigor of my years of study and training in astrology, psychology, and expanded states of consciousness with a highly intuitive and compassionate approach. I am clinically trained to hold space for people in times of major life transitions and periods of crisis. I work extensively, from a therapeutic orientation, with couples through synastry and composite charts.

My work also includes family planning, integrating child-birth, conscious parenting, career and business planning, preparing for all major life decisions, divorce or separation counseling, understanding and integrating past events, working with traumatic experiences, and preparing for and integrating from expanded states of consciousness.

I offer consultations via Skype or phone to clients around the world. Each consultation covers natal chart and transit analysis, is recorded for your personal use, and is completely confidential.

Transit Counseling with Individuals and Couples 

For on-going astrology clients, I offer transit counseling, which looks at your present and future planetary alignments to understand how you may best work with the energies available to navigate, participate and co-create with the different areas of your life. Transit counseling may be done on a weekly, monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly basis.

My rate for astrological consultations:

1-hour session is $150 (returning clients only)

90-minute session is $200

2-hour session is $275

To schedule an astrological consultation or give one as a gift to a loved one, please contact me at:

It would be my honor to work with you on your unfolding journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

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